“Flowers and Weeds”, an Independent Short Featuring Hollywood Paws Students, Makes World Premiere

August 26, 2008

The Hollywood Paws students bring character to the film and set, which already features an award-winning cast and crew.

Los Angeles, CA (PRnine – August 26, 2008) – The upcoming short Flowers and Weeds, which marks Australian actor Tanc Sade’s directorial debut, will make its world premiere at the Palm Springs International Shortfest.  The short, which has already garnered positive buzz from publications such Motion Picture Magazine, casted Hollywood Paws‘ animal actors alongside an award-winning cast and crew.

Flowers and Weeds is an urban fairy tale that follows Joshua, a young man played by director Tanc Sade, in his quest for a simpler life and true love.  The film’s cast includes Academy Award-winning actor Terrence Stamp as the story teller alongside actors Randolph Mantooth, Shannon Cochran, Melanie Hawkins, Susan Floyd and Cody Bell.  Hollywood Paws became involved with Flowers and Weeds after the agency received a call requesting a golden retriever puppy and a matching adult to play the puppy when it grew up.  The company placed a call for golden retriever puppies of a certain size and color that was answered by Nancy Glarman and her So Cal Goldens, while Hollywood Paws student Maggie was enlisted to play the part of the older dog for the remainder of the shoot.

Hollywood Paws’ training paid off, as Maggie stayed true to the “first time, every time” rule, which was crucial since some scenes could only be filmed within a narrow window of time.  “When you are trying to get the perfect sunrise shoot, there is a ten minute window and no room for errors,” states Maggie’s owner, “I was very happy to see my dog perform so well and also to see the crew happy with my animal’s work during the shoot, especially for the sunrise scene.  Hollywood Paws was very helpful during the whole process and their trainer showed us exactly how to get the best out of our dog on set.”

Hollywood Paws is a Los Angeles-based animal talent agency founded by Larry Lionetti.  The company is unique among animal talent agencies since it trains both animal owners and their pets in animal acting techniques developed by the entertainment industry.  Prior to Hollywood Paws, most animal actors came from kennels operating an animal prop business for the entertainment industry.  The agency’s mission statement is to provide animals from loving homes and their owners with the necessary training to work on television and movie sets, in addition to other entertainment industry settings.  The company also trains rescue animals in animal acting techniques to improve their chances of placement in loving homes.

For more information on Hollywood Paws, please visit http://www.hollywoodpaws.com

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