RemoteQuest Offers Philips Pronto TSU-9800 Programming

August 25, 2008

New programming approach for new Tablet-style remotes.

Belmont, CA (PRnine – August 25, 2008) – RemoteQuest, a leading remote control systems dealer offering custom-designed remote control systems for homeowners/company boardrooms, is debuting their latest design for the new Philips Pronto TSU-9800, tablet-sized remote controller.

RemoteQuest’s newest configuration for the TSU-9800 can be seen at:

RemoteQuest’s “best practices” approach to custom-designed programming creates an easy-to-use remote control which is intuitive and easily operated by all members of a family or within a corporate boardroom setting.

Dave D’Arche, President of RemoteQuest says, “We are excited about the new Philips Pronto Professional TSU-9800 remote as it provides increased screen size to create great designs along with the multiple methods of communicating with other devices within the “managed home”.

“This remote can communicate with just about any other Audio-Video device for seamless integration of the internet, music, traffic info, weather, etc., while controlling the basics of the home theater or big-screen system.”

Philip’s new Pronto Professional TSU-9800 features a 6.4″ color, full-VGA screen which is capable of displaying the internet and security camera output, as well as managing whole-house lighting and integration with music media servers while controlling Audio-Video equipment., located in Northern California is a leading remote dealer specializing in fine home theater remotes and custom design and programming. “We serve homeowners all over the U.S., as well as corporate boardroom users who want an easy-to-use solution to manage a complex environment”, says Dave D’Arche, President of

“We have helped hundreds of homeowners and corporate users annually, to manage their AV systems. Our “virtual-programming” approach means we can deliver remotes which are pre-programmed for specific requirements, without being in the home or office.

This saves the user time & money as we do not have to travel, yet we accomplish the same results, possibly better, than an installer on-site, at less cost.”

“This allows us to satisfy users all over the U.S. We have been very successful with this methodology and users really appreciate our attention to detail and our track record in modifying the configuration once the user tests the remote system.”

“We are always available to the “custom installers” who either wishes to outsource their programming needs or who may need temporary assistance.”

RemoteQuest also offers complete remote solutions using products from Universal Electronics featuring their Nevo remote controllers, (URC) Universal Remote Controls and (RTI) Remote Technology, Inc).

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