The V.I.P Club Comes To Walker Poker Online

August 24, 2008

A dedicated online club for the V.I.P. Players of Walker Poker has been launched with pomp and ceremony.

New Jersey (PRnine – August 24, 2008) – Walker Poker’s attention has now been focused on its Very Important Players who are those that form the cream and crop of its esteemed online poker clients.

The VIP Club’s Online Poker Room which came alive on April 1st, 2008 is one of the newest incentives offered by for its seasoned poker players i.e. those who bring a touch of expertise and professional skills to the card game.

The best kept secret of the VIP benefits that are dished out to this category of poker players is the amount of bonuses and rewards which go together as part of the spectacular package, courtesy of Walker Poker.

The Chairman/CEO of Walker Poker, Mr. Lanka comments about the new VIP Club: “By setting up a club of this nature, we are simply out to pamper every VIP poker player through the array of incentives we’ve got lined up for them.

That’s true with the carefully outlined program which Walker Poker offers to those who may want to try it out. A VIP Player who chooses Walker Poker’s Online Room would be able to start with instant cash bonuses of varying amounts for valid purchases in any of the tournaments of their choice.

To begin with, the loyal and consistent VIP member will be rewarded with mouth-watering offers of luxury travel packages which include free flight tickets and 5-star hotel accommodations. Walker Poker VIPs will also get automatic access to live poker competitions.

In addition, a VIP player will get free entry into the monthly $50,000 Walker Poker Free Roll which marks the welcome package given to them.

The VIP Program is made up of 5 levels, all of which are equally as rewarding as they are broad-based in helping the player to make the right choice. The levels are Classic, Prestige, Exclusive, Royal and Imperial.

The benefits allotted to these levels are in form of poker bonuses of at least $16 and at most $140. They are offered by for between 15,000 to 150,000 comp points every month.

The Classic level is the lowest and is given out as a package of 15,000 monthly points with a bonus of $16 and guaranteed entry to poker tournaments. The next level – Prestige – goes out as for 30,000 points per month, with $35 and 800 comp points.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th levels which are the Exclusive, Royal and Imperial stages are 55,000; 90,000 and 150 comp points for each month. Their respective playing bonuses are $50 & 1,400 comps; $80 & 2,100 comps and lastly, $140 & 3,200 comps.

“There is no better time for poker experts from all over the world to enjoy a powerful and promising VIP program from”

“This is because it’s a program set up to cater for all their poker dreams, fantasies and wildest wishes,” is what Mr. Lanka has to tell the prospective and existing Walker Poker VIP Club’s players.

One only needs to “walk” into the VIP Online Poker Club at to get a first hand experience.

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