SubmitEdge Launches New Link Baiting Service

August 20, 2008

The new Link Baiting services adds to SubmitEdge’s comprehensive search engine optimization packages.

Houston, TX (PRnine – August 20, 2008) – The highly successful search engine optimization (SEO) firm SubmitEdge released its new Link Baiting Service, a link building strategy that capitalizes on the growth and popularity of Web 2.0 sites such as Digg and Reddit.

The Link Baiting Service utilizes viral marketing techniques to build traffic and backlinks to client’s websites. Customers who sign up for SubmitEdge’s Link Baiting Service are assigned a writer, who creates a blog entry in close collaboration with the client. Once approved by the client, the blog entry is published in over 200 high traffic social networking sites. In addition to keeping sites current with new and original content, the link baiting services encourages frequent search engine visits to the original site, provides the site with quick exposure to a large number of visitors, and assists in the establishment and promotion of the brand name.

SubmitEdge’s new Link Baiting Service complements the firm’s existing link building services, which include SEO submission, SEO research, SEO content writing, SEO tools, and SEO writing. In addition to its SEO services, the company also offers comprehensive SEO packages that are customizable to the client’s needs.

The company’s success in its link building service endeavors and its commitment to high quality SEO services encouraged it to pursue offering a link baiting service. “We understand the SEO process,” states company founder Rishi Modi, “and search engine algorithms like Google are increasingly shunting link farm and other pointless paid links. Our services create organic traffic, and because of our strong commitment to white hat techniques, none of the websites we have optimized have ever been blacklisted – and we have a customer base of over 1000 clients.” is a subsidiary of US and India-based Kush Infosys Pvt, Ltd. The company will be expanding its operations to the United Kingdom within the next year.

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