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August 19, 2008 launches a carefully-selected list of resources, sites, reviews and portfolio tools for ETF investors. There is no subscription fee and the newsletter strives to remain unbiased.

Colorado Springs, CO (PRnine – August 19, 2008) – The rapidly-expanding world of exchange-traded funds and exchange-traded notes challenges investors with way too much information. The partners of Alpine Strategies, LLC in Colorado decided to create a site with quality resources that narrow down the scope of information.
appeals to beginning or advanced investors looking to create or improve ETF portfolios with reliable information. ETF Investors will particularly benefit from the “FIVE BEST LIST” website page where featured award-winners compete for top kudos in categories such as BEST ETF BOOKS, BEST ETF TOOLS and BEST ETF LISTS. The resources and sites selected for this list have reader-friendly resources with the most helpful tools that work for both novice and more experienced investors alike.

With the stock market constantly changing, also highlights issues about ETF strategies, interviews with renowned experts, and additional articles to guestbook subscribers (no-cost).

Notably, the newsletter staff of is independent of issuers and providers of exchange-traded funds or exchange-traded notes. Information on the site reflects an objective and unbiased view to encourage investors to make their own decisions without the pressure of being sold something. Alpine Strategies, LLC is a newsletter company, and does not sell or advise on any specific investment instrument.

Alpine Strategies, LLC was conceived by the popular financial and retirement seminar advisor, Chance Carson. As ETFs began to proliferate, Chance noted the popularity and unique advantages of trading ETFs. He also noticed that the existing resources on the web are inundated with too much data and terminology that seems more geared to investment professionals than do-it-yourself investors. A more simplified approach was needed, and that is how resulted.

Chance partnered with Lance Bischoff, a web specialist, to create a simple, but powerful, site that appeals to individual investors. Readers will find refreshingly simple, but immensely helpful, information. Be sure to visit

For additional information, go to the website or visit the Contact Us page. For strategic link exchanges or sponsorship ad placements, contact the

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