Hollywood Paws Tells the True Tails of Hollywood

August 19, 2008

Animal management company specializes in training animals to meet Hollywood industry standards.

Los Angeles, CA (PRnine – August 19, 2008) – So you got a great pooch and you think he’s as cute and talented as that bulldog catching a bra in that pajama/lingerie commercial that’s been running since the SuperBowl.

Or you wondered how they got a dog to do something outright crazy in the last movie you saw…then you said, “Hey, my dog could do that!”

Well, whether you are new to the entertainment industry or a Hollywood veteran now ready to get your talented canine in on the job, it’s important to know the way things work in the industry, especially when it comes to your dog entering the business.

Now private pet owners can get in on the act-literally. There are animal acting agencies and training facilities in Hollywood that cater to teaching you to train your dog how to kiss a cute girl or to lift a leg on cue.

For instance, over at Los Angeles Center Studios you’ll find an awesome professional animal management company. It’s called “Hollywood Paws”. Check them out at www.hollywoodpaws.com

They specialize in specific training to teach your Fido or Fifi all the industry standards to be on set impressing a Hollywood director. Can your dog hit their mark? (That would not be while involved in a leg lift to a fire hydrant).

Can your dog perform a behavior called a “go-with?” Can your dog “nudge”? Take cues from others besides you, his loving human? If there are any hesitations to the above questions, then Hollywood Paws can help you with all of that in the hopes that the next big Hollywood pooch part is the big break your dog has been waiting for. I mean, how long does he have to wait tables, anyway? (Oh, wait. That’s you with the job. He’s on the couch watching Animal Planet.)

Dogs love to feel of service. NO, that does not mean you should take them down to the local AA meeting. It does mean that if you train them above and beyond the average obedience, they just might have what it takes to actually be seen on large and/or small screens…maybe even get a paycheck.

Dogs love having a job as well as learning new things and rehearsing their newfound behaviors on a regular basis. In fact, these things can actually makes for a happier, healthier pet.

Why should Britney, Paris and Lindsey get all the Hollywood publicity? Don’t worry; it will be awhile before all of the

pup-arazzi prevents your pooch from leaving the latest nightclub with ease or being recognized enjoying a nice sniff in the park.

But get those Dolce & Gabana Doggles purchased and the Limo company lined up, because anything is possible. This is Hollywood, after all. Where dreams come true and hidden talent is discovered. And even if you yourself were left out of the talent pool, maybe it’s your pet that is the one that could be the next American Idol. Or at least the next bulldog catching a bra in a lingerie commercial. We all gotta start somewhere.

And at least if you are going to a place to train like Hollywood Paws, your dog will be ready for his close-up!

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