Hollywood Paws Prevails in Lawsuit Filed By Former Students

August 12, 2008

Judge finds claims against Los Angeles based Hollywood Paws baseless, ending two years of litigation.

Los Angeles, CA (PRnine – August 12, 2008) – Two years of litigation against Los Angeles based animal training academy and agency Hollywood Paws (“Paws”) ended this June as Judge Susan Bryant-Deason of the Los Angeles County Superior Court found no evidence of fraud or negligent misrepresentation as alleged by former students.

Pouncey v. Hollywood Paws et al., filed in 2006 by former Paws students Lorelle Pouncey, Rachel Armstrong, Heidi Aslett, Kyren Becker, Christine Boyd, Joyce Bustram, Stephanie R. Davis, Fay Gauthier, Mary Lou Hensley, June Hill, Eric Kurz, , Jon LaCourciere, Rita Liu, Karen Pierce, Pat Sammons Shelley Smith, David Bryant, Spahn, Patricia Stafford and Ashley White, and argued by attorney Cynthia Coulter Mulvihill, alleged that the company’s training and other services would guarantee some degree of fame or success in the entertainment industry. The allegations by the former students came despite the company’s good faith efforts at arranging job calls and auditions for the plaintiffs.

Judge Bryant-Deason noted that the defendants “performed their obligations owed to plaintiffs.” She added that the plaintiffs “…all wanted more. They all knew that there was no guarantee of work when
they signed their contracts. Any testimony to the contrary was unbelievable. … the evidence showed that the defendants were putting forth the best good-faith effort they could. After all, they didn’t
make or write the movies. They didn’t create the roles.”

Despite the years of difficult litigation Hollywood Paws founder & CEO Larry Lionetti couldn’t be happier about the verdict: “We’re delighted by this decision,” he said “we’ve always asserted that this litigation
was baseless, and our claim was confirmed by the court.”

Hollywood Paws is an animal training academy and agency located in Los Angeles at the prestigious Los Angeles Center Studios. It provides the tools and knowledge necessary to help animal actors and studio trainers become working professionals in the animal acting industry. For more information please visit http://www.hollywoodpaws.com

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