Rage Against Jihad, a Controversial New Novel by James Gaylord

August 8, 2008

Beijing, China (PRnine – August 8, 2008) – In “Rage Against Jihad”, a novel by James E. Gaylord listed on Amazon.com, the author writes about imaginary events including a dirty bomb attack on the city of Chicago and terrorist attacks on the power, fuel and food supplies of the US which pushes the country into anarchy and kills millions of Americans. The primary character of the novel, a 65 year old billionaire, sets out to find out who planned and financed the attacks on the US so he can avenge the deaths of his family in the Chicago explosion. Starting with the evidence concerning the September, 2001 attacks on the US he and his team move to Saudi Arabia to look for answers. The synopsis of the book is as follows:

Rage Against Jihad synopsis:

This is a work of fiction and can best be described as a politically tinged thriller. In 2009, the wife, daughter, son and five grandchildren of the central character, Jamie, are killed in a nuclear bomb [dirty bomb] detonated by terrorists in Chicago, Illinois. Jamie is 65 and, very quietly, one of the wealthiest men in the world. He made his wealth as a computer scientist and owns many companies providing computer security services to governments and businesses all over the world. One of his companies provides computer security services to the House of Saud and to many members of the House of bin Laden. Jamie has managed to become very rich without coming to the attention of the media. He is, as far as the world is concerned, a nonentity.

This novel is about Jamie and his family and how he came to be in a position to find and punish those he believes responsible for the murders of his family. The story of his life and how and against whom he takes his revenge ranges from a college town in the Midwestern US in the 1940’s, to Graceland subdivision in Memphis in the 1950’s, Vietnam in 1966, Memphis in 1968, radical student politics and the sanitation workers’ strike which brought Martin Luther King to his death on 4 April 1968, New York City in 1969, England in 1970 and in the dramatic conclusion, Saudi Arabia, England, the Philippines and Australia. It ties together Islam, Free Masonry, information technology, computer science, satellite controlled drones, global positioning, DNA, nano technology, world government, terrorism, international banking and exotic weapons. The cast of characters includes Jamie and five of his
closest associates, the House of Saud, the House of bin Laden, Free Masonry, the Muslim Brotherhood and a British Lord. The period covered is from 1940 to 2010.

End of synopsis.

In this novel the central character destroys much of Saudi Arabia’s oil fields and kills many members of the House of Saud. The novel traces the development of Islamic extremism beginning with the formation of Free Masonry in the Arab world on through the formation of Al Qaeda. In discussing the life of the central character the novel describes, among other things, the Vietnam War and the fateful trip of Martin Luther King to Memphis in April, 1968.

About the author:

The author was born in Illinois and graduated from high school and college in Memphis, Tennessee. He spent a year in Vietnam, a year in Saudi Arabia, a year in New York City, five years in England, five years in Hong Kong and ten years in Northern California. He has lived in China with his wife and daughter since May of 2005.

Keywords: Chicago, Dirty Bomb, Al Qaeda, Jihad, Saudi Arabia


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