No More Glass Ceilings and No More Brick Walls

August 6, 2008

Conley, GA (PRnine – August 6, 2008) – After losing her job and watching her life spiral out of control, Katrina Callaway decided to follow her lifelong dreams after finding inspiration from “Last Lecture” professor Randy Pausch. “I was influenced to go for my dreams and not worry about brick walls or glass ceilings,” says Callaway, “I decided to just go for it.”

Callaway decided to follow her dreams of traveling the world to encourage others to follow their dreams and to enable them to enjoy the feeling of being a celebrity by having their name and picture in lights. To accomplish this Katrina Callaway is letting ordinary people experience their fifteen minutes of fame online through her website and modeling competition, the WOW! World’s Next Top Model & Talent Search. According to Callaway: “With all of the things that are going on in the world – expensive food, expensive gas, job loss, etc., the fifteen minutes of fame will bring smiles and increased self esteem to many.”

During their fifteen minutes of fame people can see their picture flash across the WOW! World’s Next Top Model & Talent Search website. And if they decide to enter the competition, can tell the world why they are the world’s next top model. By offering others the opportunity to have their dreams fulfilled, Callaway is fulfilling her own: “I still believe in bringing smiles to people‚Äôs faces, increasing their self esteem and helping them achieve their dreams.” she says.

The WOW! World’s Next Top Model & Talent Search is an international model search featuring thirteen categories and is open to all individuals, from 6 weeks through adults. The deadline for entering is August 23rd, 2008. Individuals interested in entering the 2008 WOW! World’s Next Top Model & Talent Search are invited to register online at or call at 1-877-914-1444.

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