TPAD Launches Managed IP PBX Solution for SMEs in the UK

August 5, 2008

United Kingdom (PRnine – August 5, 2008) – Tpad launches Managed IP PBX Solution for SMEs in the UK For small to medium businesses looking to upgrade their traditional system for a VoIP system without having to make large upfront investments, Tpad is launching a new managed IP PBX system that runs entirely over a suitable broadband connection. This move is intended to vigorously compete with Business VoIP telephony companies such as Packet8, Vonage and Skype as the package has been specifically targeted at businesses that require a simple yet powerful, robust phone solution using the latest VoIP technology.

Tpad’s solution, called Tpad Pro, is designed to provide a quality service whilst saving smaller companies money (SMEs). The Tpad Pro solution provides a low cost start up package with monthly billing and a choice of VoIP / SIP handsets. Each system is custom configured, and includes auto-attendant, voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID, speed dial, and many other powerful yet easy to use features.

The system can be used to connect multiple remote offices anywhere in the world and provides support for WiFi mobility and tele-working for home users, thus providing a unified calling experience for all parties.

“With Tpad’s managed IP PBX service, only a suitable broadband connection is needed, allowing companies to say goodbye to their traditional expensive carrier altogether”, said Chris Morris, General Manager of Tpad.

“We have designed the Tpad Pro solution to be a cost effective and user friendly as possible so non-technical staff can adapt with very little training. This means your business can have the latest technology with little upfront investment and with Tpad providing the broadband connection we will endeavour to deliver a seamless one stop shop for your communication needs.” he continued.

“Part of the cost savings comes from new cutting edge technology built on open standards, more specifically SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), which is driving down the cost of VoIP phones and services. These open standards give Tpad a massive advantage over larger corporate vendors whose offerings are traditionally more expensive

“Many competitors charge you up to £1500 for a set of fancy, over complicated IP phones to sit on your desk,” he said. “With our flexible solution you can choose the right phone for your business needs, whether it will be a combination of IP Phone, ATA, PC Softphone or Nokia Mobile.” Morris said.

Tpad is compatible with any SIP / VoIP Device, from a standard IP Phone (e.g. Linksys / Grandstream / Snom) to the newest Mobile VoIP technology using Nokia WiFi Mobiles (N and E Series e.g. N95 / E65). Our main aim is to allow SMEs to use any type of device they desire on our global VoIP network.

Asian Business Foundation (A.B.F), the UK’s largest Asian trade organisation in Blackburn, UK, has tested the Tpad solution for several weeks. Mubarak Chati, General Manager with the firm said, “The greatest benefit so far has been dramatic cost savings in call costs.

“We are paying a fraction of what we used to pay with BT,” Mubarak said. “Along with no connection charges and per second billing, we have cut our costs in half and our long-distance bill is virtually non-existent now.

“The office previously used an outdated and costly PBX that hadn’t been entirely suitable for the growing requirements of the organisation to use.” Mubarak said.

“Now what we have an extremely compact computer just a little bit bigger than a laptop, and that now is our phone server,” he said. “It’s a very clean, modern and very simple telephony solution.

About Tpad:

Tpad – ( is a privately owned company, founded in 2006 and funded by private investment. Today, Tpad is pioneering an all SIP / VoIP solution that enable leading branded mobile phones or any VoIP Device (ATA, IP Phone, PC Softphone, and WiFi Mobile) to make free or very low cost calls using VoIP.

Tpad Pro – ( is brand new, custom made managed IP PBX Business VoIP solution comprised of custom made call management software coupled with powerful business class features.

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