Author Shares True Life Stories As a Former Police Officer Investigating Child Molestors

August 1, 2008

Michigan (PRnine – August 1, 2008) – Just when you thought you’ve done everything right to ensure the safekeeping of your child (ren) comes L. Miller-Perdue’s new book that explores the minds of pedophiles and how they target children. “Secrets And Shadows” – Living with Pedophiles (ISBN:1438229178), Trade paperback, 300 pp, 5½ x 8½.

After learning of her own son’s attack by a Pedophile, Lynda Miller became a police officer investigating child molestation cases and diving into the minds of their twisted abusers.  After endless cases and a long divorce, she had no idea that when she re-married she would again fight for the very thing she held dearest, her daughters. Lynda Miller-Perdue offers an inside, true crime look, into the minds of these deadly child predators and gives parents an understanding to the why’s and how’s child- sexual abuse takes place. “Secrets and Shadows-Living with Pedophiles” details real police cases including the riveting case that sent her own husband to prison.


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