DialMyCalls.com Lets Anyone Tap Into the Power of Sending Voice Messages to Phone Lists

July 30, 2008

Ruskin, FL (PRnine – July 30, 2008) – Enabling individuals and businesses to tap into the power of quickly send voice messages to large phone lists is at the heart of On Time Telecom’s new DialMyCalls.com service.  The premise is simple: enable any person or organization to  send voice messages out to their own phone distribution lists rapidly and  easily without owning expensive equipment or an in-house calling server.

On Time Telecom has made it easy for individuals and organizations to take  advantage of their unique online service offering.  Interested parties can  record a message themselves, use DialMyCalls.com’s easy automated phone  recording system, or use their online text-to-speech tool.  Once a message has been  recorded, a custom list of phone numbers can be created or imported into the user’s account which then creates a customized contact database for future use.  The final step involves setting the calling options and scheduling a time for phone message delivery to the contact list.  Once the call has been successfully placed the user will have access to a detailed call report, invaluable for tracking the success, effectiveness, and reach of the phone message.

The company offers both free and premium pricing plans, with the free plan allowing users to place up to 25 calls daily for no charge. The free and premium pricing plans let groups, individuals, and organizations of any budget use this unique service in a variety of ways.  Among the many uses of DialMyCalls.com’s service are party and event reminders, church or religious group get-togethers,  concert or ticket sale announcements, amateur sporting league matches, meetings and business convention updates, sales or special offers at retail stores, and more.

The response to DialMyCalls.com has thus far been ecstatic:  ”I have signed up for this service and I love it. All I have to do is record my message and then it goes out to all my friends that I need it to go to.” says a recent DialMyCalls.com user.  Business users are equally excited about DialMyCalls.com: “…this is one of the best tools I have run across in a long time for my business.” says one successful business user.

For more information on using DialMyCalls.com visit the company website at http://www.dialmycalls.com

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