Middle Age Man Defies Doctors Prediction

July 29, 2008

Dalton, GA (PRnine – July 29, 2008) – Jim Wood, a resident of N.Georgia, lost 42 pounds at the age of 46. He also managed to quit a 30-year smoking habit in the process. To do this, he practically had to reverse an unhealthy lifestyle that he was accustomed to, a lifestyle that wouldn’t let him live very long. A year ago, Jim was smoking four packs of cigarettes a day. His diet consisted of mainly beef and pork. Weighing 270 pounds and barely ever exercising, anybody could say that he would only have 5 or 6 years left to live.

He stumbled upon this realization when he visited his doctor a few weeks after the birth of his daughter. Jim Wood says, “The doctor didn’t have very good news for me. According to him, I wouldn’t even live to see my daughter start elementary school if I kept going down the road I was going. And that wasn’t a fact I was willing to accept.” No parent likes to be told that he isn’t even going to see his child start school. “I decided it was time for a big change,” he says. “I went online and found a fitness program that seemed to suit all my needs, so I tried it out.”

Fit Over 40 is an online fitness program for people who want to be fit, but just can’t do it alone. Fit Over 40 has helped countless people lose weight and begin a new healthy lifestyle within months. “I’ve been through many fitness programs in the past but all of them have failed me,” says Jim. “If you’re looking for a way to completely begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle, I would instantly recommend Fit
Over 40 to you.”

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