Shantoneel announces release date for two upcoming albums “Upohaar (The Gift),” and “Amar Mukti (Salvation).”

May 29, 2013

Shantoneel’s highly anticipated albums promise to bring soaring melodies and vibrant vocalizations to the world.

New York, NY (PRnine – May 29, 2013) – World music artist Shantoneel will be releasing a new album of contemporary Bangla songs, “Upohaar (The Gift)” on June 1st, 2013. The album contains six Bengali songs and one Hindi song. His label, ME Label, describes the music “as a mix of contemporary pop fusion with South Asian sitars, strings, electronic embellishments, and soaring melodies with vibrant vocalizations and meditative qualities that are relatively upbeat and free-flowing.”

In addition, a second album, “Amar Mukti (Salvation)” will also be released on June 1st, 2013. This album is more traditional and classically-inclined, which follows the traditions of Rabindra Sangeet, also known as Tagore Songs. 

Bangladeshi-born Shantoneel who was raised in Queens, New York attributes his musical influences to Hindi, pop, bhajan, ghazal, semi-classical, folk, sufi, and Bangla traditions. His classical vocal training began with his mother at the age of four and has since evolved into a combination of Bangla and Indian traditions infused with modern instrumentation and contemporary dance rhythms. He has worked with a long list of prominent teachers including Indian music legends, Manna Dey and Shipra Bose. Shantoneel attributes his soulful songs to an “inherent understanding of musical progression and composition combined with his own personal versatility and cultural fortitude.” His work has been recognized by numerous national awards including the heralded Anannya award given for exceptional talent promoted by Rabindra Sangeet Shammilon Parishod—the largest independent organization to promote Rabindranath and his works in Bangladesh. In addition, Shantoneel has won several national awards in folk and patriotic music.

Shantoneel’s anticipated albums, which fit into the world music and ethnic fusion genres, will be available on numerous online platforms such as iTunes, Google music, and Spotify. In addition, the albums will be available worldwide in a physical CD format. The album is being published and distributed by ME Label, a subsidiary of Mushroom Entertainment, Inc. 

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