Industrial Drinkware introduces “Geode” portable glassware inspired by volcanic rock structures

December 12, 2012

Inspired by volcanic rock structures, Geode makes glassware portable.

Seattle, WA (PRnine – December 12, 2012) – Industrial Drinkware, innovators in industrial design space, has recently launched a multipurpose glass travel vessel, Geode. The glass travel vessel gets its name from a volcanic rock structure that has a rough and rugged exterior and a colorful and vibrant interior.

Geode is a protective case that transforms a glass into a travel vessel. Its case is designed to seal the opening of any pint-sized glass, making it portable. Ryan Savage, Chief Designer of Geode, leveraged an understanding of materials, manufacturing processes, and engineering to design a protective case that can be used specifically for glass. “The smooth and non-porous property of glass makes it an ideal container. Unlike plastic and coated metal containers, glass does not off-gas or leach harmful chemicals. It also doesn’t collect bacteria and food residue, as do other containers,” says Savage.

As such they designed a simple, innovative protective case for glassware. The plastic case is over molded with two materials- a durable and lightweight plastic which gives the case its toughness and rigidity and a soft silicone rubber molded over the hard plastic to provide grip and a soft touch. The case functions as a barrier to reduce the transfer of heat and also helps prevent condensation making it useful for both hot and cold liquids. Geode’s three-part design creates a liquid tight seal and offers three options for drinking. It can also be customized with different colors: industrial grey, black, and bone.

Although highly functional, Geode’s designers wanted to also develop a product that was aesthetically pleasing. When designing the case, they chose aesthetics that would complement the shape of the glass. The team was guided by the function and was inspired by what their customers wanted. Savage shared this sentiment, “I became an industrial designer to follow my passion for art and problem solving. I wanted to design products that bring people joy and simplify life. I believe great designs come from purpose and meet the needs of the people who use them.”

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