eSfere Entertainment announces a call for crowd funding for android based video gaming consoles for big screen televisions

December 12, 2012

New gaming console allows users to download and play Android games on their big screen TV.

Seattle, WA (PRnine – December 12, 2012)-  eSfere’s gaming console will allow users to play Android games downloaded directly from Google Play on their big screen televisions. eSfrere’s technical specifications, including a powerful Tegra 3 processer, optimizes the gaming experience and changes the playing field for the gaming industry. “eSfere has cutting edge internals that will run high-end 3D games and a wireless touch controller so you can play on your couch. But the best thing from a developer’s perspective is that it supports all our games right out of the box. That means we don’t have to bend over backwards to support it, and for gamers there’s going to be a huge selection of games available on day one,” says game development expert Matt Small. Since eSfere plays Android games downloaded directly from Google Play, developers will no longer need to make special adaptations to their titles so they can run on the device. They can continue developing Android games as they normally do, with confidence that their game can be enjoyed on the big screen with similar standards of quality.

eSfere’s gaming console is equipped with 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal flash storage, 2 USB ports, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, an Android OS 4.0, and comes with a “Touch & Play” wireless multi-touch gamepad controller. eSfrere can also be used for watching movies, listening to music and surfing the web, as well as for running productivity, education or leisure applications. In addition, eSfere, in conjunction with a Web cam, can be used for video-conferencing. The console, itself, was designed to be sleek and modern and come in a variety of colors. eSfere has also designed a matching set of 3 decorative flower vases to accompany the console.

In order to bring this gaming console to market, eSfrere’s developers are turning to consumers to help get this project funded. In order to get the project started, the developers are asking consumers to back their idea by making pledges. eSfrere is looking to partner with crowd funding sites such as Kickstarter. “We hope users will back this project because they believe in it and are convinced, as much as we are, that a complete Android gaming solution for the large screen TV is necessary. That’s why we seek support directly from consumers, so they can tell us, through their pledges, that this is what they were waiting for,” says Joaquin Soler of eSfere Entertainment.


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