“Readplayability,” a new term in video gaming jargon is serving as a source of inspiration to educational game designers.

October 12, 2012

Thrilling new game teaches players about pirate history while shooting, jumping, or dodging obstacles.

Madrid, Spain. (PRnine – October 12, 2012) - Until the advent of tablets such as the iPad, reading a book and playing a videogame were two separate and distinct experiences. Tablets have enabled seamless integration of these distinct experiences, where one minute you are reading the New York Times and the next minute playing Angry Birds, all on the same device without moving from your chair. This “readplayability” has inspired educational game designers to develop games that incorporate both experiences under one umbrella.

Nahia del Valle and Alex Lamikiz, innovators in this field of educational games, describe these games as simply a, “a fun way to learn.”  Their recent joint venture has resulted in an educational game available on iPad called Pirates, the BookGame. The game is a result of a year of researching how best to leverage “readplayability” into educational games. Pirate, the BookGame incorporates elements of traditional educational games with action games. In the game, the player is tested with trivia questions while playing the character of Jack isKull, who is responsible for defeating his enemies and reaching Treasure Cove.  Throughout the game, the player learns about the history of pirates while taking part in action adventures which include navigating treacherous obstacles.  The game has been described as a thrilling adventure where you are dodging obstacles while simultaneously learning about Blackbeard and other pirates.

This is also the first educational game, which has a shooting component as part of the game. It also offers a reward of an Ebook, which includes the trivia information from the game and illustrations, upon successful completion of the 12 levels. The purpose of the game is to encourage reading comprehension and development of critical thinking skills while at the same time playing a video game and having fun.

This game illustrates the concept of “readplayability.” Nahia and Alex describe the game as, “combining the pleasure of learning with the pleasure of playing. With this game you can have fun while learning. One has fun shooting, dodging obstacles and jumping while reading and learning about pirates and their history.”

To view a trailer of the game or find more information on Pirates: The BookGame please see their website: http://www.piratesbookgame.com

About the Authors

“Pirates, the BookGame” has been developed by Nahia del Valle and Alex Lamikiz. Nahia and Alex are two innovators in the field of educational video games. Their focus is on building a bridge between literature and videogames. They are the creators of several Internet games including “Quién es?” (“Who is it?”) and “El Cibertrivial”(“The Cibertrivial”), which were created for the U.S. television network CNN and the newspaper “El País.” They have also co-authored an Ebook with the writer Eduardo Galeano entitled “Bocas del Tiempo.”


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