Author Richard Crombleholme Returns with Exciting Sequel “America in Conflict: His Own Blood, Part 2″

July 14, 2009

The exciting novel pays homage yet again to Sly and is a tribute to the people we shall never forget.

Preston, UK (PRnine – July 14, 2009) – Author Richard Crombleholme’s exciting sequel, AMERICA IN CONFLICT: His Own Blood, Part 2 is now available for sale online at vendors like and Barnes& The action thriller was first released by Authorhouse on June 26th, 2009.

America In Conflict is an exciting sequel to His Own Blood! This Time Is For The Son He Never Knew. It is a powerful story that has action, adventure, excitement and even an element of love, which makes this tale a compelling work of fiction that will keep you gripped to the very last page.

Through visiting his best mate who doesn’t have much longer to live, John Weller meets a beautiful girl where a relationship does blossom, only to be tarnished when she saw the real Weller reveal himself at the American football game between Arizona Cardinals and the New York Giants. Feeling sure he had lost her for good because of his extreme actions, and knowing that America had already suffered terrorist attacks this particular week resulting in the space shuttle being destroyed, and then always having to live in his father’s military shadow, he and his twin sister, Sarah Jane, endeavor to join the chase to save the kidnapped President of America, making Weller have to board Air Force One uncharacteristically. The huge 747 plane explodes over the Korean jungle, leaving him after escaping to have to protect the President where they were both now alone in the Korean jungle and already being hunted down by the enemy.

The enemy unknown to Weller’s father, John Raven, was somebody he had already met years ago when he was a small boy where in appreciation for his bravery he gave to him the necklace holding a stone that reminded him of a beautiful oriental girl he once knew for the bravery he had shown whilst helping him to fight for Afghanistan against the Russian army. After feeling disappointed in what the boy had grown up to become and that he had a strong allegiance with North Korea, Raven snatched the necklace back from him and chose never to wear it again.

Whilst the enemy searched for the President and Weller, Raven who was alone and dazed after being shot down in the jungle looked at the damaged helicopter and the fuel spilling out of it, and then after a few seconds he also noticed the crucifix lying on the ground, which he gave to his daughter when he first met her. He knew the mission had just become twice as big because not only was he there to protect his son who didn’t know he had embarked onto this mission and the President he accompanied, he would once again have to save His Own Blood, only this time it was the apple of his eye, his beautiful daughter Sarah Jane.

Dedication taken from book:

I would like to dedicate this book to the people that were sadly killed, injured or just happened to witness the atrocity of 9/11, 07/07 and our heroes that have served and are still serving in Afghanistan. We shall never forget!

And then:

One man: Remember the name. One character: Remember the soldier. One iconic actor: Remember the legend who is quite simply the best of the best and probably expendable.

Crombleholme’s novel pays homage to the classic action movies of the 1970s and 1980s, particularly those that featured Sylvester Stallone. “In a person’s life, each and everybody will always have a favourite that will never change no matter who or what comes along,” Crombleholme states, “For me, it is Sylvester Stallone. Everyone of his movies is legendary, but what has always stayed in my mind is when he plays the part of the soldier.”

About the Author:

Richard Crombleholme currently lives in the United Kingdom with his wife Debbie, their daughter Sarah, and the family’s two dogs. He was inspired to become an author by his secondary school English teacher, who recognized his talent at an early age. Encouraged by his wife and daughter, Richard began and completed his first novel in 2008. This year he has had America In Conflict released and is currently writing the third story, titled: His Own Blood – One Time Too Many.


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