Ensquared.com Debuts as First Cell Phone Insurance Comparison Website

May 20, 2009

The newly unveiled technological tool addresses all aspects of mobile phone insurance.

Delrey Beach, FL (PRnine – May 20, 2009) – The innovative cell phone insurance site Ensquared recently unveiled a consumer phone insurance calculator on their site that gives objective price comparison for wireless phone insurance. This new technology tool addresses all aspects of mobile phone insurance coverage including offers by phone service providers and Internet insurers.

A recent study across Florida by Ensquared demonstrates that consumers have a habit of insuring traditional items in their lives such as wedding rings, cars and wide screen televisions, however cell phone insurance is usually neglected as people don’t understand how to shop around and acquire the necessary levels of cell phone protection.

Since the launch of the cell phone insurance calculator, Ensquared has revealed that the greatest demand is iPhone insurance since people are spending more time with these devices than any other handheld device.

The first of its kind cell phone insurance calculator uses a seven-question process addressing various cell phone insurance issues to provide the consumer with the best option possible for his or her specific needs. “We provide free, unbiased phone insurance ratings to all cell phone users so they can make informed, wise decisions when it comes to cell insurance,” says director of operations Gordon Polovin.

The cell phone insurance calculator considers key comparison factors such as phone damage, lost phones, stolen phones, broken phones as well as locked and unlocked phone types.

Ensquared believes that the reason a tool of this kind has not been made available to the public is because it is not in the insurance providers interest to disclose the shortfalls of insurance packages. Ensquared does not add a cent in fees or commissions for giving visitors the most appropriate and cheap mobile phone insurance solutions to suit their exact needs. Even iPhone insurance solutions and Blackberry insurance solutions are part of the calculator.

Ensquared’s primary focus has been to provide customers with unique, impartial information. The cell phone insurance calculator is an important addition to their site that intends to fulfill their main purpose. Readers can find this new technology at insurance.ensquared.com

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Ensquared has built the first-ever Cell Phone Insurance Calculator to compare phone insurance between all US service providers.


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