IRAN: Amidst Reports of Violence, U.S.-based Bloggers Disseminate Medical Advice to Iranian Protesters

June 17, 2009

Using the website, several supporters based in the United States are now providing medical advice on how to identify and treat protest violence-related injuries.

Baltimore, MD (PRnine – June 17, 2009) – Concerns about growing violence and the possibility of the Iranian government limiting medical care access to those disputing the recent election results have prompted several U.S.-based supporters have begun providing first aid advice for injuries Iranians may sustain while protesting at Since the blog’s inception following the election, fears of widespread violence continue to grow as at least seven are officially reported dead from street violence by Iran’s state media while unconfirmed rumors of a student massacre at a Tehran university continue to spread.

Although medical advice on the blog is currently being sourced from’s First Aid Section, the creators of hope by pooling articles of interest to protestors in an easy to read format may aid their efforts and possibly save lives as well. Moreover, by placing this advice in more than one place on the internet, the site’s administrators hope they can bypass the Iranian government’s efforts at limiting access to various websites which have proved key in maintaining the protest movement’s momentum.

The website currently provides advice on how treat pepper spray to more serious injuries, such as broken bones and gunshot wounds, as well as advice on how to perform CPR and identify injuries such as concussion, physical shock and emotional shock in the field.

Although is currently not blocked in Iran according to the administrators of, they encourage site visitors in Iran to consider utilizing a proxy to access their blog and other like sites due to internet censorship by the Iranian goverment in the wake of the protests. Recent posts contain information on how to set up proxy access on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

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