99Counters.com Marks First Milestone with 100K Registered Users

February 4, 2009

99Counters.com, one of the premier providers of free geo-targeted web counters services, has reached 100K registered users since launched eight months ago.

Los Angeles, CA (PRnine – February 4, 2009) – In less than eight months, 99Counters.com, one of the premier providers of free geo-targeted web counters services, has reached 100K registered users.
Corroborating this milestone of 100K registered users 99Counters’s total visits passed 100K on Monday, Jan 5th making it one of the most popular web counters service globally.

99Counters.com allows webmasters to create customized flash counters for their websites, blogs and social network profiles; 99Counters.com also grant an effective way to get instant geo targeted real-time statistics on their website visitors.

“We are very pleased to announce we have marked our first milestone by reaching 100K registered users at our web counters service. The numbers don’t lie as webmasters are clearly using 99Counters to track their visitors and gain geo target stats” said Jonathan Rodman, Product Manager at 99Widgets.com “Through our strong commitment to our webmasters and blog owners community, 99Counters.com delivers innovation and makes the experience of deploying a web counter and providing instant stats much easier, laying the path for many webmasters and blog owners track their users.” Mr. Rodman mentioned.

99Counters.com allows webmaster to fully customize their flash counter taking every element of the counter into consideration; font colors, size and type, background and frame colors, button sizes, texts and even the opacity level of the flash counter widget.
Webmasters can create their own themes or choose one of the made and ready-to-use themes available at 99Counters.com website; 99Counters.com offers wide range of themes from thin and unvaried themes to full size colorful themes.
99Counters.com signup process is one of the easiest to accomplish having only email/username and password to sign up and start using the free service.

“We have put our efforts on creating a smooth and easy website to enable the ordinary webmaster to quickly generate a fully customized flash counter using 3 steps and embed it to gain instant stats on its website visitors” Added Mr. Rodman.

99Counters.com is a part of the “99Widgets.com Widget Network” which will soon launch 99Chats.com a free fully customized real-time text messaging widget that can be served virtually anywhere on net allowing webmasters and blog owners to extend interaction with their website visitors, 99Counters.com users also benefit from having the same login details to 99Polls.com another service at the 99Widgets.com Widget Network which allows webmaster and blog owners create their own flash polls widgets and easily embed them on their websites.

“99Counters.com is by far the most advanced web counters widget available online today and we’re proud to mark that significant milestone” Mr. Rodman concluded.

99Widgets.com - http://www.99widgets.com/
99Counters.com – http://www.99counters.com/
99Polls.com – http://www.99polls.com/
99Chats.com - http://www.chats.com/


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