Offers Free Advertising Service To Escape A Car Lease

January 26, 2009

Program offers free advertising service for car lease swap market.

San Jose, CA (PRnine – January 26, 2009) – In response to heavy customer demand for the auto lease transfer industry, today announced it is offering its vehicle lease transfer marketplace available for free to any customer wanting to advertise their vehicle lease for transfer to another individual. is able to take advantage of the Internet’s efficiencies to deliver the first lease transfer marketplace free of charge with no strings attached. With millions of drivers stuck in a lease they can no longer afford, they now have a cost-effective option to escape their lease and the feeling of being trapped in a contract. For millions of these individuals, escaping their lease by breaking the contract is a financially impossible scenario since it costs several thousand dollars. In today’s economy this is just not possible.

“ empathizes with all the individuals who are struggling to escape their car lease at a time when the economy is painfully slow,” said Sean Miller, president of “We don’t feel you should have to pay a premium for a lease swap service that amounts to nothing more than an Internet posting.”

Several other lease swap Web sites also provide a marketplace to post your vehicle in an effort to find another person that will pick up the remaining portion of your lease. These services charge customers a fee for clicking a button. now offers the same advertising marketplace with access to the same potential car lease shoppers with no expense involved.

About is a free national car lease swap service that gives people the ability to advertise their vehicle lease with the click of a button. For additional information, please call 408-300-6345.


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