ASTI Adds Sound Machines Direct as New Distribution Partner

January 26, 2009

Leading On-Line Retailer Focused on Sound Machines.

Campbell, CA (PRnine – January 26, 2009) – Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc (ASTI) announced today it has added Sound Machines Direct as a new distribution partner for Ecotones, the only sound machine that listens and adapts to the user’s environment.

Mike Zimmerman, President of Sound Machines Direct, said: “ASTI is developing a new category of sound machines that adapt to the user’s environment. I am quite impressed with the depth of their technology and Ecotone’s sound quality. We strive to give our customers the broadest range of sound machines and other non-prescription sleep aids. Ecotones fits well into the top end of our product line.”

Steve Pollock, ASTI’s VP, Sales and Marketing said: “We value Sound Machines Direct as a long term partner in helping expand our market reach. Also, Sound Machines Direct has a deep understanding of the sound machine market. Their advice will be invaluable in helping us to continue to develop products that meet the consumer’s needs.”

About Ecotones
Ecotones, which was first released in October 2008, is the only sound therapy machine that listens and adapts to the user’s environment. Based on ASTI’s patented technology, Ecotones creates audio backgrounds that are so vivid and realistic that it blends into the background while covering up annoying sounds. Ecotones’ SoundStories™ are based on audio cues in the listening space combined with hundreds of natural sounds, resulting in a sound environment that is always fresh and alive, never mechanical or repetitive.

About Sound Machines Direct
Founded in 2003, Sound Machines Direct has since established itself as a leading online retailer of sound therapy and light therapy products through its commitment to delivering its customers with quality goods at the forefront of natural sleep therapy with reliable service. In addition to the Ecotones noise masking sound machine, the company also offers a range of products to meet their customer’s varying needs, including white and pink noise sound CDs for the elimination of unwanted noises, light therapy boxes for the treatment of seasonal affective disorder, dawn simulators, and conventional non-addictive natural sleeping aids such as relaxation CDs and melatonin supplements. Additionally, the firm also sells sound products for the treatment of tinnitus and specialized bedwetting alarms to assist parents in potty training their children. More information about Sound Machines Direct can be found by visiting

About Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc
Founded in January 2008, Adaptive Sound Technologies’ mission is to create auditory environments which improve peoples’ working and living experiences and reduce the stresses caused by noise pollution. ASTI’s unique adaptive audio technologies were developed over the last 15 years by Silicon Valley electronics experts and employ the latest in signal processing, microprocessor, audio and memory technologies. ASTI’s products are the first ever with the capability to listen to the sounds in their surroundings and respond. This adaptive ability has enabled ASTI to create an exciting new category in the growing consumer electronics market. ASTI is based in Campbell, CA. For more information, visit

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Media Contact Information:
Steve Pollock
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc.