Norwegian Musician’s New eBook Catalogues 186 New Musical Chords

January 23, 2009

Written by Snowflake Scenti, New Music Chords I presents 186 music chords created through experimentation with notes played to half a minim.

Hamar, Norway (PRnine – January 23, 2009) – Many musicians claim no new musical chords exist to be discovered, but Norwegian music lover Snowflake Scenti argues otherwise. Through extensive experimentation made possible by digital music applications, Scenti has created 186 new chords, all of which are documented in her forthcoming e-book New Music Chords I. Unlike conventional chords, which use minims and semibreves, the chords presented in Scenti’s book are based on notes played precisely to half a minim.

The resulting auditory experience presents a new frontier for Western ears, a prospect which Scenti is extremely excited about.

“I highly encourage others to experiment with these chords – create new music, maybe even start a new movement,” says Scenti.

In addition to being novel, the new chords also open doors for a wide range of possibilities through different chord progressions. Musicians of all levels can use Scenti’s chords to entertain – sometimes even “tricking” their audiences.

Because listeners’ ears are trained to listen to chords, audiences “sometimes fill them in”, states Scenti. “Playing with these expectations, and using the new chords on top of that – will definitely give audiences something unexpected, new and memorable,” she adds.

Of course, that is only one example of what musicians can do with Scenti’s e-book, which is available for purchase at http:///

More information about Scenti and New Music Chords I can be found by visiting or by contacting Scenti.


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