Vodafone Egypt Deploys Openmind’s Advanced SMSC

January 21, 2009

Despite rumours of its predicted demise, SMS traffic growth is showing no signs of abating. Latest figures show that SMS volumes across the globe are outpacing the ability of legacy messaging infrastructures to handle the increased volumes at a cost that is acceptable to mobile operators.

Dublin, Ireland (PRnine – January 20, 2009) – Alex Duncan, CEO of Openmind Networks today announced that Vodafone Egypt have deployed Traffic Control as an advanced, high-capacity and scalable SMSC to meet the needs of their growing subscriber base.

“In effect, Vodafone Egypt is building a smarter, more efficient and scalable network that will meet its future messaging demands” said Duncan. “The incredible growth witnessed in SMS means that urgent requirements for capacity can be exploited by the incumbent vendors. Openmind gave Vodafone a compelling alternative that delivers capacity increases that create a newer, richer messaging network.”

“Mobile operators need to decouple their dependency on legacy messaging vendors so that they can provide a base platform for enriched messaging and security solutions,” added Duncan. “With Traffic Control our customers have demonstrated that they can focus on building and delivering new messaging services, free from the constraints imposed by inflexible and costly legacy equipment.”


Media Contact Information:

Michael O’Brien
Openmind Networks