Vintage Gems Emporium has Re-Organized and is Giving Back… In a Menaingful Way and is BETTER THAN EVER!!!

January 1, 2009

All 501(c)(1) Non Profit Charities Have Unlimited FREE LISTING on the Vintage Gems Emporium Auction Site

Miami, FL (PRnine – January 1, 2009) – Dear VINTAGE GEMS EMPORIUM Friends,

I have not been in touch for a long time and for this I am truly sorry for not keeping you in the loop, but many great things are on our horizon and some negative things are in our “rear view mirror”. First the GOOD NEWS!!! I never knew when I started this adventure how many things come into play to make a site a GREAT SITE but what I have learned is that after being on eBay for over 13 years that the buyers and sellers have the best information and insights one can have. We have just completed a focus group of 50 VGE users and we have found out some interesting things about what you like and don’t like about our site.

Many of you expressed that the name and look was too contemporary and not at all in the character of antique and vintage jewelry. Also the speed of uploading the site was a complaint and the most important issue is that you wanted the site to have a higher purpose… what does this all mean and how have we translated and addressed these issues, comments and concerns.

The first thing we addressed and are still finalizing is the name. We are now VINTAGE GEMS EMPORIUM at and our umbrella company is VintageBoutiquesMall. The original word Virtual seemed cold and not at all what the site representative of the concept for the site. The word “Vintage” makes it clear that the jewelry being sold will be antique and vintage with some being newer.

The second concern was the look of the site. We had comments such as “it looks like QVC” or that it was only for new or newer jewelry. We have addressed this by creating a skin that is more befitting to the overall merchandise direction of the site. If you go to now, it will still resemble the old site but the new look will be in place and this will be fully implemented by the end of December.

The third issue was the rate at which the site loaded. We have secured a dedicated server as opposed to the shared server held before. This will give us the bandwidth and RAM to make the site totally functional and load at a fraction of the time it is currently working.

The fourth comment was that the site unlike eBay have a higher purpose, well we really weren’t sure what that meant but the executive board of VINTAGE GEMS EMPORIUM decided that “we could give back”. Times are tough right now with foreclosures, bankruptcies, stock market declines, corporations closing and loss of jobs… and not only is it hard on the individual but it is extremely tough on the Non Profits who rely heavily on individual contributions. Upon writing this letter, benevolent gifting is at an all time low.

Vintage Gems Emporium has made a huge commitment to help in whatever way we can and we have decided that company-wide any and all auction websites opened by VINTAGE BOUTIQUES MALL (our umbrella company) will make to any and all 501 (c)(3) NON PROFIT designated organizations UNLIMITED FREE LISTINGS WITH NO FINAL VALUATION FEES … FOR ETERNITY or at least until we no longer exist!!! We feel that this is huge step in not only helping those in need but creating unbelievable traffic to our many upcoming sites. So if you have a favorite charity, church group, environment or animal non-profit charity that you would like to support make them aware of this new and exciting “concept of gifting” and have them contact me at We will be putting out press releases and email campaigns announcing this new idea and we expect an incredible response.

Vintage Gems Emporium has had its share of “rough starts”, but those days are behind us. We are moving forward with renewed hope and enthusiasm and pray and feel this time “we are getting it right!!”.

The original company was started with four people, myself, Candace Daugherty with my marketing, design, 13 years on eBay, auction and antique experience, Mark Romness a corporate attorney, Donna Canan with organizational and administration expertise and Seann Lewis as the computer technician.

Well there has been a fracture in the original organization based on business philosophy and moral dealings with one of the owners. This break has to do with Seann Lewis of Seann Lewis LLC. His greed, dishonesty, untrustworthiness and basically being a morally bankrupt individual did not meet the personal and professional expectations of the company. The facts of this rift are as follows:
• Seann has misappropriated over $9,000 of company funds;
• Seann lied, misrepresented and sought to conceal his bank fraud indictments in Berkeley and Charleston Counties in South Carolina;
• Seann misrepresented his abilities to put a website together and to do the necessary professional and extensive Search Engine Optimization work necessary to make the site visible;
• Seann tried by coercion and intimidation to wrench $250,000.00 from the company as pay off to him to return the company’s assets to their rightful owners, and:
• Seann fraudulently hijacked the original Virtual Gems Emporium domains, auction licenses, and SSL certificates.

You may come across his deluded and irrational rants and raves on selected blogs and forums as to his understanding of what happened. Please, however view these as the last dying gasps of a scam artist getting caught.

On the positive side, we have successfully and safely moved all the database to our new dedicated server and when we are ready for “primetime” (give us a week or so) we will be bigger, faster, prettier and better than before. Quite simply the “heart and soul” of the original virtual gems emporium is alive and well and resides at

I am sending this letter to all of you because you deserve to know the truth and I am giving you my own personal telephone number at 843-735-9930 to call and discuss any of this with me at any time.

I also want you to know how much I appreciate all of you and your continued support and interest in Vintage Gems Emporium. Keep the faith and we will soon have a great alternative to the much disliked eBay.


Just to show you how generous we are, you can list as much as you want for FREE throughout the month of January and February 2009. Hopefully you will get that extra cash needed for Christmas bills and restocking your shops that has been depleted by the holidays. We want as many jewelry lovers to come to get to know us and test drive our site… and we want to see you make money for your holiday expenses. So get going and enjoy a wonderful and exciting two month of making some extra money without worrying about listing fees and NO Final Valuation Fees!!! The free listing feature is for all types of auctions, fixed, buy out, or reserve auction and will include:

2. FREE PHOTO UPLOADS (up to 7 photos)
7. FREE LISTING (no matter what the starting price is AND no matter how many)

The only things not included in this free offer will be HIGHLIGHTING, HOME PAGE FEATURE, CATEGORY FEATURE and MEDIA (movie) UPLOAD which are all still available but at the price indicated in our site fee section to be found at the bottom of the home page.

To summarize, build your business on VGE as quickly as you can so you can make a ton of money especially with now after the holidays.

We want you to be successful and we want our site to be the best ALTERNATIVE out there.
Thank you and welcome to your future!!!!

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Vintage Gems Emporium was founded and created by Candace Daugherty, a 13 year veteran of eBay who has a Retail Design and an MBA degree in Marketing and a 40 year passion for collecting antique and vintage jewelry. VGE is a subsidiary of Vintage Boutiques Mall.

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