New Home Business Model Fighting Back Against The Recession

December 10, 2008

Occupy The City Exploits The Power Of Leverage In Building A Home Business.

Columbia, MO (PRnine – December 10, 2008) – Network marketing has been a dirty word for many in home business circles but before you think of some well chosen expletives to describe it, the fact remains that if not for it’s prospecting methods, the actual business model itself is quite brilliant.

But why would you want to chase down and harass family and friends about a business opportunity when most of the time all you get is blatant rejection.

Well, there is a revolution going on right now in the world of MLM. No more talking to family and friends about a business opportunity – now there’s a concept! But it’s actually going on right now and it’s called internet network marketing. Suddenly, instead of you chasing down prospects day and night, the prospects are actually chasing you. It’s almost like a dream but that’s the reality.

Bad economy, dwindling retirement funds, record foreclosures, unemployment skyrocketing…sounds like something out of a blockbuster horror flick right?

Truth is, it’s happening right now and despite a new administration elected to the White House recently, the future for many looks bleak. But in the face of adversity, those who spot the opportunities staring them in the face will survive and prosper. And yes, there is great opportunity despite what you read and see in the press.

The home business market is a hot spot for wannabe entrepreneurs. It’s actually a minefield. Many have tried and failed to set up a business from home and more than 95% have been sent packing with their tails between their legs. The fact is, it’s a tough environment to succeed in despite the promises of financial wealth and freedom.

But one home business group have discovered a winning formula and are cutting through the doom and gloom silently building long lasting wealth through the combination of community based network marketing and internet network marketing.

It’s called Occupy The City ( and it’s network marketing like you’ve never seen before. Founder Jason Acopolis says unlike old networking models where anyone who looked like a prospect was signed up, Occupy The City is only interested in serious business builders.

“We spend our time working with professional people who have a huge drive for success,” he said.

“Most of them are already successful business owners and entrepreneurs. This is exactly the caliber of individual that will make you successful in this industry, and we have them coming to us every day with a desire to be a part of something as unique and yet obviously right as what we are doing here. The right people just seem to get it.”

Occupy The City is currently taking applications ahead of a major pre launch. Positioning is vital to succeeding with the network marketing model. Now you have the chance to be one of the top 5% who succeed.

Occupy The City is a new home based business model turning the tough world of network marketing on it’s ear. For more information about Occupy The City, contact Jason Acopolis on 573 445 8477 or go to


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