The Spencer Institute for Life Coaching Offers a Certification in Sports Hypnosis

December 5, 2008

Sports Hypnosis is the ideal program for personal trainers and life coaches who want to help clients realize their full potential and perform at their peak.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (PRnine – December 5, 2008) – Hypnosis, long-misunderstood to be a pseudo-science, is actually a very natural state of mind that people are often in on a daily basis that occurs they are engrossed in a book, TV show, or are in a deep state of thought.

The Sports Hypnosis certification helps trainers understand how to guide their clients through guided imagery as a means to help them achieve their personal goals whether they be elite performers or people who wish to lose weight and keep it off.

“Sports performance is very much mentally-based,” says Spencer Institute founder, Dr. John Spencer Ellis. “Sports hypnosis certification helps trainers and coaches improve their clients’ mental focus, mental training, ability to limit distractions, and ability to visualize goals. When athletes can visualize their goals, they will be able to do everything they can in their physical capacity to reach those goals.”

This program is recommended for personal trainers, life coaches, physical therapists, and athletic trainers who wish to gain a competitive edge in the health and fitness industry. The course is designed as a self-paces, home study program that includes instructive DVDs on actual hypnosis sessions, audio CDs discussing business applications, and a CD-Rom manual.

The certification is available now by visit the Spencer Institute website or by calling toll free at 1-877-573-6474.

About the Spencer Institute: Spencer Institute provides the missing link between coaching- that gives you practical advice about what to do – and psychotherapy, that focuses on talking about the past. Hemispheric Integration and neuro-lingusitic skills provide the structure of how to move through challenges and beyond theoretical concepts, by creating a positive road map to success.

For more information regarding the Sports Hypnosis certification program, or any other program that Spencer Institute offers, visit


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