Get a Free Wii Fit For the Holidays

November 26, 2008 Features the Wii Fit Giveaway 2008.

Kaysville, UT (PRnine – November 26, 2008) – Games-for-Wii has announced that they will be giving away free Wii Fit. This unique and innovative game makes it possible to stay fit and toned from the convenience and comfort of your home while having fun as well.
To enter the Wii Fit Giveaway simply subscribe to the free Wii Game Report. Subscribers will not only be entered for the Wii Fit Giveaway, but they will also receive other benefits with their subscription, including:

  • Wii news
  • Pre-order announcements of new Wii game releases
  • Wii game cheats
  • Special discounted offers

The Free Wii Fit Giveaway runs through December 20, 2008. Anyone can enter the drawing online at Games for Wii through the online subscription form for the Wii Game Report. In addition, when subscribers refer up to 10 friends they will also be able to gain up to 10 additional entries for the Wii Fit 2008 Giveaway. The winner of the giveaway will win either a Wii Fit or any other comparable game of their choice.

More information regarding the Wii Fit Giveaway 2008 can be found at
About – offers a large variety of Wii games as well as information on preorders and newly released games for Wii.


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