Silver Tornado Launches Online Marketplace for Gold and Silver Wealth Building

November 25, 2008

The new website allows clients to simultaneously build their precious metals portfolio while offering several opportunities to earn additional residual income through participation in the networking of gold and silver.

Phoenix, AZ (PRnine – November 25, 2008) – Gold and silver reserves are increasingly important financial safeguards in light of current rising inflation concerns and the instability of global financial markets. In spite of this, the precious metals market remain relatively difficult for most consumers to access. The online launch of Silver Tornado’s Precious Metals Downline Builder at aims to serve the growing market among everyday consumers for gold and silver by providing them with forum where they not only buy the precious metals, but learn more about precious metals markets as well. Moreover, Silver Tornado also offers its clients with several powerful marketing opportunities to generate income from the trade and sale of gold and silver.

According to founder Samuel Heins, while the primary goal of Silver Tornado is to help clients build a solid portfolio of precious metals that will increase in value over time, the firm is also aware of the income opportunities the precious metal trade can provide for its clients.

Consequently, Silver Tornado has created several programs, which are optional and allow its clients to earn the a steady, residual income from participating in the gold and silver markets, in addition to the income earned from their precious metal portfolios. Clients can choose from either multilevel or affliliate marketing programs to best suit their needs, and can participate in more than one program at a time.

All of Silver Tornado’s programs take advantage of the viral marketing power of the internet, which combined with the momentum of the gold and silver markets, can translate into sizable residual income for program participants. Furthermore, in recognition of the financial stability of precious metals, these programs also pay commission in the form of gold or silver in addition to cash commissions.

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Media Contact Information:
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Founder, Silver Tornado
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