7Aff.com Affiliate Program for 7Spins Casino offers generous bonuses

November 21, 2008

7Aff.com Affiliate Program for 7Spins Casino offers bonuses worth up to a staggering $2000 for new and senior affiliates at the end of each month.

Costa Rica (PRnine – November 21, 2008) – 7Aff.com offers an additional $2000 over and above affiliates’ agreed compensation model.
The bonus will be accrued to any affiliate that will deliver 30+ new depositing players monthly at any month of the next 3 months, additional bonuses for smaller volumes are available as well: $1000 for 15+ new depositing players and $500 for 10+ new depositing players, this is along with the limited time promo of 40% revenue share lifetime commission being offered at the moment.

“Our philosophy is plain simple, we’re in a win-win situation so the more our affiliates earn, the more likely they will remain loyal to our brand and the more we will mutually benefit from our association.” Quoted Patrick Rodman, Affiliate Manager at 7Aff.com

“At 7Aff.com affiliates value our partnership for two reasons: higher conversions and higher earnings. We provide honest, accurate and in-depth statistics in real-time, we have some affiliates contacting us stating they are amazed by how much their traffic is really worth, I’m sure that the new bonuses will help them be motivated and squeeze their abilities and marketing efforts to the peak”

It is a known fact the US Government’s recent activity in the online gambling industry has seen Microgaming’s decision to block United States players this month and has forced many online casinos to abandon the American market, while affiliates left with no choice but to remove Microgaming’s casinos from their index the alternative couldn’t be better as 7Spins.com Casino intends to continue accepting all players globally. Officials at 7Spins.com site mentioned to say “we confirm that we are still accepting All U.S. players and we intend to stick with that decision.”

At 7Aff.com you will be able to find extensive marketing tools along with the most professional account management team, customer service and innovative creative assistance available online, 7Aff.com are able to provide each affiliate a unique exclusive offer for their members (free bonus or structured bonus), unique banner sizes and customized banners as well as private landing page for each site to enable better conversion.

“Our program is guaranteed to increase your profits. 7Aff.com offers unrivaled customer conversion and retention rates in the fastest growing industry in e-commerce today. We enjoy a wide reputation for honesty, reliability and innovation, and not less important is the fact that we accept ALL players globally including the US” Said Mr. Rodman

To Visit 7Aff.com: http://7aff.com
Sign up: http://7aff.com/affiliate/registration.do

“We understand the affiliates’ needs as per a new reliable affiliate program that will let them benefit from their U.S. traffic, that’s why we are putting our efforts to convert better and to process globally and also letting them enjoy up to $2000 in bonus to sign up at 7Aff.com and direct their traffic to the right source.”


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