Children’s Author Cleous Young Publishes Mountain of Miracles

November 3, 2008

The inspirational children’s book about the power of love and redemption will be released as an interactive CD-Rom.

Philadelphia, PA (PRnine – November 3, 2008) – Philadelphia-area educator Cleous Young is releasing his first original title, Mountain of Miracles, a children’s story about the power of redemption and community on November 24, 2008.  What initially began as a book, however, is now much more as Young is releasing the tale on a CD-Rom format, which is Young’s method of providing today’s youth with a more immersive literary experience while being environmentally conscious.  The CD-Rom is filled with additional educational materials designed to enhance the experience for children.  Besides the pleasure of reading the book, youngsters can experience the engaging and thought-provoking tale alongside a catchy original song, as an audio book narrated by soothing female voice, or as a puzzle that helps develop the child’s language skills.

Mountain of Miracles
follows Grandfather and David as they embark on a journey for herbal remedies to grandfather sickness.  Their quest, however, ultimately turns into a quest to cure David of a sickness far deeper than grandfather’s illness, as David begins to misuse the gift of his grandfather’s love and loyalty.  Inspired by Young’s own hardships as a Jamaican immigrant wrongfully accused of a crime while building a new life in the United States, /Mountain of Miracles/ is a story of redemption that aims to teach children transcendental lessons in the meaning of life and the value of faith.

Young’s gift for writing, along with the themes of faith, community, and appreciation present in Young’s work reflect his love for children, and his belief in the responsibility of adults to nurture the innocence of their souls.  He began writing children’s books as a tribute to his role models, many of whom were adults from outside his family.  “I now feel I have the responsibility to teach someone else, but I want to go just beyond one child,” states Young.  His creative philosophy is firmly rooted in his ethics, and for this reason, Young’s stories convey a sincere sense of love and appreciation for life in his characters and their trials.

The release party for Mountain of Miracles will be held on November 29, 2008 at Philadelphia’s Walter D. Palmer Leadership Learning Partner Charter, alongside the inaugural event for Young’s Hope-Full Foundation, a community organization dedicated to developing character and leadership in Philadelphia’s youth.

Mountain of Miracles will be available for purchase online at on November 24, 2008. Young is currently working on his next title, The Genius of Keys.


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