The Modern Man Asks What’s the Secret to Dating Women, Anyway?

October 31, 2008

The firm’s new Dating Power DVD set teaches men how to navigate around media stereotypes of masculinity for greater success in dating women.

Melbourne, Australia (PRnine – October 31, 2008) – As women gain more power in the workplace, they expect more assertive partners in their relationships, but confusing media messages are leaving many men unclear about what women want. From the sensitive guy of the 90s to the more recent metrosexual, stereotypes emphasize cultivating the sensitive side of a man without teaching men how to retain masculine confidence and poise. The Modern Man, an Australian firm specializing in dating seminars and coaching men on dating, is looking to change this through the company’s new Dating Power DVD set. Modeled after the firm’s successful Modern Man seminars, which has earned the company significant press in its native Australian, the 5-disc set teaches men the art of contemporary dating.

According to co-founder Dan Bacon, men are confused about women’s expectations because of the number of stereotypes circulating about masculinity: in the 1990s, men thought they had to cry all the time before they could get a date, and more recently, it’s metrosexual behaviors such as wearing pink shirts and carrying man-bags. “These stereotypes don’t work because they don’t teach men self-confidence, and more importantly, they don’t teach men how to understand today’s women, who are more assertive and more independent,” states Bacon, who began The Modern Man because of his own dating struggles after ending a four year relationship.

Flash forward to now, where Bacon is able to offer his advice to other men because of the extensive research he and his colleagues conducted during this period. Dating Power, like all of The Modern Man’s courses and books, draw from scientific research in fields such as evolutionary psychology in addition to the firm’s own research with over 10,000 women from all over the world. Because of this real world experience, The Modern Man advocates a natural approach towards winning women by building confidence in lieu of teaching cheesy pick-up lines or come-ons.

“It’s obvious that women find handsome men attractive,” Bacon continues, “but in the end, personality overrides looks by far.” For this reason, the foundation of Dating Power’s lessons focus on inner mastery through building confidence and helping men embrace women as they are. Subsequent lessons in the series, which include advice on how to approach women and how to interact with women, are built upon these core lessons.

The success of The Modern Man’s methods is reflected in both the press coverage the firm has received in its home country of Australia, which include televised interviews on Melbourne’s Seven and Nine Networks, in addition to Singles TV.

More important, however, are the number client reviews of Dating Power and The Modern’s Man’s other services, which attest to the effectiveness of Bacon’s techniques. Single men have written in praise of The Modern Man’s advice and techniques for helping them meet more women, , and the firm’s seminars have also proven useful to married men in illuminating male-female dynamics in their own relationships.

The Modern Man was founded in November 2005 and is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. More information about the firms seminars and other services may be found online at


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