Personal Trainers Embracing Fitness Business Breakthrough For Residual Income

October 31, 2008

Personal Training Business Tip The Key To Fitness Trainers Making Money While They Sleep.

Beverly Hills, CA (PRnine – October 31, 2008) – Personal fitness trainers are going through a major fitness business paradigm shift from trading time for money towards making residual income, even while they sleep. Gone are the days of personal trainers relying on only one profit center by only getting paid for time. They are now looking for multiple ways of leveraging their personal training business.

One such way that is catching the personal trainer industry by storm is the creation of fitness information products marketed online, all on autopilot. Personal trainers are creating rather large fitness business residual income profits by utilizing the power of the internet as revealed in the new personal trainer training course, Fitness Info Business: A Personal Trainer’s Guide To Residual Income.

Fitness Info Business is a step-by-step personal trainer residual income blueprint created by Beverly Hills fitness entrepreneur Jim O’Connor. After realizing the personal training business is predicated on trading valuable time for money, Mr. O’Connor decided to leverage his own fitness training business by creating an autopilot revenue stream that consistently generates money 24 hours a day.

He feels that personal fitness trainers shouldn’t limit themselves to only one profit center of consulting, but expand their fitness business horizon to incorporate multiple streams of residual income.
O’Connor states, “When you operate a personal trainer business you want to leverage your time by working smarter, not harder. Money never sleeps, so personal trainers should be able to make money while they are asleep.”

To assist his fellow personal trainers, O’Connor decided to give back to the profession he loves by revealing the exact personal trainer residual income formula that rescued him from the 16 hour a day personal training trenches. The personal trainer residual income blueprint is taking the fitness industry by storm helping trainers create a residual revenue stream that keeps flowing 24 hours a day, on autopilot, whether they work or not.

The fitness business industry is not only advancing in exercise physiology know how, but also business, and marketing knowledge. Personal training residual income is alive and well.


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