Airnetz Charter, Inc. Starts First Global Distribution System For Private Aviation Industry

October 29, 2008

Flyers can now search, select and rent a private jet and aircrafts online using global distribution system of Airnetz.

Atlanta, GA (PRnine – October 29, 2008) – Airnetz Charter, Inc. is revolutionizing the already revolutionary private aviation diligence by introducing Global Distribution System. Individuals can now rent private aircrafts just like they book tickets for schedule airlines. This complete online booking service will make chartering flights on private jets, helicopters and turboprops much easier.

“We are beginning our GDS solution to meet the record increase in demand for private charter flights,” says Atul Khekade, CEO Airnetz Charter, Inc. “The flexibility that private aviation provides, has increased it’s popularity amongst regular fliers. This facility makes it possible to have meetings in various regions, as per your convenience, carry out business while travelling, and it also allows them to reach more cities quickly. A larger group travelling together also becomes cost-effective for companies as well as individuals.”

Global Distribution System, which had revolutionized commercial aviation around half a century ago. This worldwide-computerized reservation network is since used as a single point of access for reserving airline seats, hotel rooms, rental cars, and other travel related items by travel agents, online reservation sites, and large corporations.

“We are making an effort to allow people to book private aircrafts online and through travel agents. Customers can also check instant availability and pricing of the aircrafts,” says Atul. “The travel market is a universal showground where millions of consumers (travel agents and the public) and vendors (hotels, airlines, car rental companies, etc) work together to exchange travel services. Amongst the “shelves” on which buyers search for travel services are world’s global distribution systems and the Internet distribution systems. These systems have become electronic supermarkets linking buyers to sellers and allowing reservations to be made quickly and easily. The number of seats for a commercial aircraft are fixed, schedules are also fixed hence the GDS system is easier for them. On the other hand for private aviation we have to arrange a new flight altogether.”

Previously Virgin Charter was the only one to provide GDS solution for private jet charter in USA. “But unlike Virgin Charter, Airnetz Charter, Inc will not only exist in USA but also worldwide, says the proud CEO.

Airnetz also provides customers with prepaid cards, which lets them to buy flying time in advance. “This service allows them lets them to fly with only half an hour notice when other companies at least need a day to arrange for the flight.” The system of getting instant information about availability of the aircraft, quote and booking also exists in Airnetz. This manages a consumer’s entire booking from end-to-end makes it simpler than ever to book private flight. Final Quote depends on availability of aircraft, actual flying time and type of aircraft used.

“Commercial aviation industry is going through a slump, but private aviation industry is becoming plump. It is an inverse relation: mainly due to ‘always available’ characteristic of private aviation, says Atul. It takes you to places where a commercial aircraft can’t. “There are around 25000 airfields world wide, only 3500 accessible to commercial aviation. On top of that there have been major route cuts in recent times.” It is the easy access not just to the cities but also flights owing to GDS that will give Airnetz an edge in the private aviation industry.

About Airnetz Charter, Inc.

Airnetz Charter Inc. is a Delaware company is among the fastest growing private jet, helicopter and turbo prop charter services in the world, with access to over 4,000 aircraft worldwide. All flight services offered in the United States are onboard FAA certified Part 135 carriers. Airnetz Charter, Inc. specializes in providing online, automatic, fast and transparent charter services to Global 50 clientele. Airnetz has over 700 aircrafts in USA, Europe, Dubai and India on Agreement. Over 200 operators have signed up with Airnetz as service providers.

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Ameya Gore
AirNetz Charter Inc.

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