New Non-invasive Immune Conditioning Technique Offers Relief for Allergy Sufferers

October 27, 2008

As fall allergies kick up in Southern California with the return of the Santa Ana winds and the fire season, the new technique offers relief by retraining the immune system’s negative response to allergies into a positive or non-response without medications, shots, or invasive procedures.

Los Angeles, CA (PRnine – October 27, 2008) – Many Southern California allergy sufferers remain on guard after last week’s wildfires and Santa Ana conditions, as there is no telling when the winds will pick up again or when the next wildfire will occur.  Combined with recent scientific studies linking global warming to longer allergy seasons, the need for an effective treatment during the fall is greater than normal compared to previous years.  Immune conditioning, a new treatment now available at AllergiCare Relief Centers of Orange County, offers relief to Southern California’s allergy sufferers using non-invasive technologies to diagnose and address the problem at its source, rather than just the symptoms.

Unlike standard allergy treatments, immune conditioning does not involve scratch tests, shots or medication.  Rather, the technique utilizes laser technology to better identify the allergen or sensitivity from AllergiCare’s comprehensive database of over 10,000 different allergens.  The precise identification of the allergen by the firm’s unique computer system is key to AllergiCare’s ability to successfully treat allergies caused by a wide range of substances, including seasonal allergens such as pollen and hayfever; environmental allergens such as pollutants and dust; food allergens such as nuts and dairy; and pet allergens, among others.

“Allergies are simply a negative response created by your body as a result of interaction with a certain substance,” explains Dr. Michael Pfautz, D.C.  “This negative response triggers a reaction within your body. These reactions may include sneezing, runny nose, itching, watery eyes, headaches and difficulty breathing. Other diagnoses such as IBS, acid reflux, fibromyalgia, and autism have also been very closely linked as allergic reactions to substances.”

Once the specific allergen is identified, AllergiCare’s immune conditioning system works to retrain the body to turn the negative response into a positive or non-response so future exposures to the substance no longer produces an allergic reaction by the immune system.  Since each treatment addresses only one allergen, patients with multiple allergies may require multiple treatments for each substance.  Many patients, however, noticed significant results after receiving only a single treatment.

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