Sebastopol Adventure Boot Camp Helps To Prevent Cardiovascular Disease In Women At Any Age

October 27, 2008

Inches, Fat and Weight Loss proof in Sebastopol CA.

Sebastopol, CA (PRnine – October 27, 2008) – Women are seeing a difference in the way they feel and look in Sebastopol CA. The women of which I speak are from Adventure Boot Camp located in Sebastopol CA. Most of them are losing 5 to 10 lbs with a 3-5% body fat loss within one month with the technical instruction of Carla Jay: an exercise enthusiast as well as a Certified Outdoor Fitness / Group Trainer.

Carla states “Women are working, taking care of children, sometimes ill husbands and often aging sick parents.” As an Emergency Department Registered Nurse, Carla is passionate about raising women’s awareness regarding the importance of fitness, and diet. “Each year approximately 2.5 million U.S. women are hospitalized for cardiovascular illness, which also claims the lives of 500,000 women annually; half these deaths are due to coronary heart disease” NEJM Vol 329: 247, July 22, 1993 Although these statistics are outdated Carla see’s on a daily basis women who deny themselves the pleasure of growing older gracefully through diet and exercise.

This month alone THREE clients showed a total loss of 17 lbs, 10% body fat loss and the inches around their mid section was a total of 6 inches lost. Carla says that if each woman would come in to be measured the numbers would be much higher!! “I see a difference in women after week three. The inches and pounds just start dropping off and the toning is amazing!! They gain strength and muscle endurance.” These dedicated women who get up early every day are so grateful Adventure Boot Camp is here making a hugh impact on how they feel about themselves in Sebastopol CA.
Now MEN can join in on the excitment of getting in shape and losing weight with Adventure Boot Camp in Sebastopol CA.

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