Home Based Business Owners Are Being Flooded With Interested and Highly Qualified Prospects

October 24, 2008

New Prospecting Tool is Adding Hundreds a Month to Down Lines.

San Antonio, TX (PRnine – October 24, 2008) – Texas home based business owner, M. Johnson, is able to call 10,000 business opportunity seekers in less than 30 minutes with the push of a button. This hot new technology is priced to please home based business entrepreneurs and small business owners who can prospect for new business opportunity seekers for literally pennies a day. It does all the sorting and sifting and eliminates the task of cold calling and lead purchase. M. Johnson says “under normal circumstances it would take me 6 months, dialing 8-10 hours a day to call 10,000 potential prospects”. M. Johnson has never had as many interested and qualified prospects chasing her in her 20+ years as a home based business owner. She says that his business, 1k1day has taken off like a rocket since she started using iBuzzPro, adding more people to her down line in a week then she used to add in a month. iBuzzPro is more effective and efficient than any other lead generating method on the market today. Voice Broadcasting Industry Experts recently rated it a 10 out of 10 for efficiency, effectiveness and affordability. It can be successfully used for any home based or small business and for any product/service.

Millions of FREE LEADS, FREE Tools, and IT IS SO CHEAP To Use

There is an unprecedented and unlimited supply of FREE LEADS. There are over 100 million FREE consumer leads, over 70 million FREE B2B leads and over 2.5 million FREE MLM Genealogy leads. You can also use your own lead lists. All leads are scrubbed against the DO NOT CALL list, DISCONNECTED and BAD phone numbers. This all means that you are always in full compliance with all FTC regulations and are never charged for DISCONNECTED and BAD phone numbers.

Users are only charged for the calls that connect and it has the lowest Voice Broadcasting rates in the industry; only 1.9 cents per minute for calls less than 30 seconds, 3.9 cents per minute for calls a minute or more. Billing is on 6-second increments after the first 30 seconds which translates into a huge savings

iBuzzPro provides Industry acclaimed Customer Support and features Live and Pre-Recorded instructional webinars and conference calls six days a week to assist the new user with their iBuzzPro System. There are FREE Pre-Recorded Messages already loaded into the software and Proven Scripts that have already been written and are FREE to the user. It also features a Press 1 transfer technology.

Get Paid To Build Your Down line

This new broadcasting tool is making recruiting for new down line members much easier. It is not only generating hundreds of high quality leads that are joining user’s down lines, but also users are generating a solid cash flow as iBuzzPro re-sellers. Once you have used iBuzzPro Voice Broadcasting to grow your down line, M. Johnson has found that 9 out of 10 of the folks that she puts in her down line also buy iBuzzPro because they want to duplicate her recruiting success. For every iBuzzPro System that is sold, the re-seller keeps 100% of the profits and 50% of every power-line sale. A recent Voice Broadcast to 1,647 business opportunity seekers by M. Johnson netted 45 people pressing #1 to speak to her directly. It cost her a total of $39.80 to send out the campaign resulting in a cost of less than a dollar per interested lead. From this single broadcast, M. Johnson has already added 15 new folks to her down line with an unlimited number of new prospects entering her pipeline daily.


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