Virtual Gems Emporium Gives Online Auction Giant eBay A Run For Its Money

October 20, 2008

Introducing the premier and exclusive auction boutique for antique, vintage, and new costume and fine jewelry.

Charleston, SC (PRnine – October 20, 2008) – Virtual Gems Emporium is the first of its kind and the beginning of an new and exciting concept in online marketing. VGE is an auction boutique for the buying and selling of JUST JEWELRY. Unlike any other site on the internet, VGE is a specialty store for the auction of Antique, Vintage and Newer Costume and Fine Jewelry and has an amazing assortment of estate jewelry from every era and offers one of a kind, collectible pieces for the connoisseur.

Virtual Gems Emporium was started Near Charleston, South Carolina in September 15, 2008. Virtual Gems Emporium took flight as a result of meeting the needs of small boutique buyers and sellers of Vintage and Antique jewelry who have been forgotten in the new philosophical direction that eBay has adopted. The small boutique buyer and seller are looking for one of a kind, unusual and rare hard to find items that are yet affordable through an online auction venue in the convenience and comfort of their own home.

Candace Daugherty, the founder of VGE and a 13 year veteran of eBay has stated that “Virtual Gems Emporium will be the auction site of choice for the discriminating dealer and collector of jewelry that has history and provenance.” Virtual Gems has had an unbelievable response and has received phenomenal comments from members of Power Sellers Unite, TIAS and past and current eBay sellers and buyers and have included “What a great site that looks and feels like any fine boutique found in any of the major capitals of the world”, “How brave we are” and “It is about time someone took on eBay”.

VGE was started with three distinct philosophical strategies. One is to be the only online auction boutique venue for antique and vintage costume and fine jewelry in an environment that reflects the character and quality of the merchandise. Two, to be the least costly online marketplace for sellers, having low listing and NO final valuation fees. And three to provide the best customer service available, bar none. VGE uses leading edge technology to provide an extremely sophisticated, yet easy to use auction venue.

Virtual Gems Emporium appeals to both men and women, from many racial and ethnic backgrounds and who love beautiful unusual jewelry. Unlike most markets and retailers during economic down times, antique and vintage costume and fine jewelry is still the “inexpensive luxury” and the auction venue is still the best and most fair selling format for both sellers and buyers.

Registration to sell or buy at Virtual Gems Emporium is free and easy. To sign up today visit

About Virtual Gems Emporium

Virtual Gems Emporium was founded by Candace Daugherty, a 13 year veteran of eBay who has a Retail Design and an MBA degree in Marketing and a 40 year passion for collecting antique and vintage jewelry. Her partners include Seann Lewis, a computer programmer and entrepreneur, Mark Romness a corporate attorney and Donna Canan an administrative executive. VGE is a subsidiary of Virtual and over the next months other auction boutique for antique and vintage merchandise will be opened and include Virtual Collectibles Shoppe and Virtual Arts and Antique Gallery.

For more information about Virtual Gems Emporium and its marketing and future growth objectives please contact Candace Daugherty at or 843-735-9930 or at .


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