APF Group Plans Ten Investment Projects Around Asia, Focusing On The Synergy Of The Business Group

October 20, 2008

Despite global economic slowdown, the company still has confidence to make more investments in Asia.

Thailand (PRnine – October 20, 2008) – APF Group today announces its investment plans for 2009 with the main emphasis on investments in both non-bank financial institutions and real estate sectors that will yield good returns for stockholders regardless of the economic crisis around world, or even in Thailand. APF Group treats the current situation as a good opportunity for investment, with money ready to be invested in more than 10 projects. Between three and four projects are currently under negotiation. APF Group also reveals some of the main criteria for making an investment in any business which are the ability to adapt to the organizational culture, transparent management and apparent growth direction.

APF Group is fully supporting the newest company in the group, A.P.F. International Insurance Co., Ltd., while Group Lease Public Company Limited is showing excellent growth during the crisis situation. Furthermore, United Securities Plc. and United Asset Management Co., Ltd. are in the final phase of negotiations on International deals, and Zeavola Resort will definitely have positive cash flow this year. Wedge Holdings and Showa Rubber are negotiating further business in Thailand, Sanwa Tennis is preparing to open an Indoor Tennis Court and Sports Complex at the end of this year. The food industry business is the talk of the town amongst Thai and Japanese who love traditional Japanese recipes.

Mr. Mitsuji Konoshita, the Chairman of Asia Partnership Fund Group (APF Group), commenting on the investment direction of APF Group for 2009, said the investment policy of APF Group will still be based on mergers and acquisitions of potential businesses. The main sectors of interest are real estate and non-bank financial institutions, with some expansion to other interesting businesses. Nevertheless, the investment emphasis will be on businesses that will yield good returns for stockholders.

“APF still adheres to the same investment policy in becoming a main shareholder in the real estate and non- bank financial institution sectors.”

The global economic slowdown has resulted in many investors cutting back on their investments. In contrast APF Group sees this situation as an opportunity. With the right target and an effective management team that can operate the business for good returns, APF Group will carry on its investments, however those businesses must be a good synergy with the companies that have previously been taken over and invested.

“We are looking at the non-bank financial institutions too. There were some discussions, both in Thailand and Japan, including with a company that is registered on the stock market. We pay attention to businesses in Asia because there are currently investors who financially support APF Group in more than 10 projects. Of these projects between three and four are in the negotiation phase. We are ready for investment.”

So far, all of the businesses under APF Group have been successful because the group adheres to the organization culture with the same direction of thinking and transparent management. Therefore the main criteria when selecting any business is the transparency of management within the organization. For example, the company must abide by the rules, be of a suitable standard and follow the regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. As well as the expected returns, the group also pays attention to the company’s direction of future growth. This is because each investment is planned for the long term. Presently, each of the businesses that APF Group has invested in is beginning to make a profit. Some businesses are actually earning more profit than expected, such as Group Lease Plc. which is showing an excellent growth trend.

“Currently we have three of four projects under negotiation. Some developments may occur rapidly but most of the time it depends on the seller, not on APF Group. The projects we will be investing in are in Thailand and overseas. The overseas project will be with a company that is registered on the stock market. We already have some initial discussions with two organizations and some deals may be done within this year. The businesses in Thailand are definitely non-bank and real estate businesses.

The investment portfolio of APF Group is currently around US$ 1 billion while the investment in Thailand is currently around US$ 100 million. The increasing investment portfolio is partially because of the increasing amount of assets and the increasing value of assets the company has invested in, not only from the purchase of assets.


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