Inaugural Vietnam Sourcing Fair to Connect Foreign Companies With Vietnamese Manufacturers

October 17, 2008

The mega-sourcing trade fair, created in the same vein as the China Import and Export Fair, brings foreign companies and Vietnamese manufacturers to a common forum while showcasing the economic advantages of doing business in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (PRnine – October 17, 2008) – As record levels of foreign direct investment and rising labor costs elsewhere globally turn Vietnam into the world’s next factory, Ho Chi Minh City is hosting the country’s first annual Vietnam Sourcing Fair (VSF), a mega-trading forum designed to connect foreign companies with Vietnamese manufacturers, at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center from April 15-17, 2009. Organized by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry alongside World Trade Fair Limited, VSF aims to fulfill the same role the China Import and Export Fair (also known as Canton Fair) has played in China’s emergence as an economic powerhouse.

A Growing Economy and Substantial Cost Savings Drives More Buyers to Vietnam

The global trend of sourcing products from Vietnam is reflected in the country’s record setting economic growth. During the first eight months of 2008, the Vietnamese economy expanded by an impressive 6.5% given the current global financial crisis. Meanwhile, foreign direct investment increased 450% to USD 47 billion, exports turnover by 391%, and imports turnover increase by 54%. The country’s outlook remains promising due to the government’s limited involvement with U.S. credit markets. Favorable government economic policies like this, combined with a well-educated workforce, and concerns about China’s rising production costs, have turned Vietnam into an attractive alternative for export-oriented manufacturing and distribution centers and an attractive destination for foreign capital. Additionally, the country’s geographic location within 5 hours of travel time to most major Asian cities places it in an advantageous position to capitalize upon both regional and global trade.

VSF Features All of Vietnam’s and Asia’s Main Exports

To better connect companies within an industry, VSF will be organized into nine exhibition centers representing major industries: (1) fashion and textiles, (2) footwear and leather, (3) food and drink, (4) automotive, (5) gifts and novelties, (6) home appliances, (7) home furnishings, (8) consumer electronics, and (9) trade, finance, Q.C. and logistics services. Exhibitors and visitors are encouraged to register online at by December 3, 2008 for full benefits through VSF’s planned partnerships with over 15,600 overseas commercial and industrial organizations, travel agencies and international airlines.

More information about VSF, please visit or contact Mr. B.K. Chow at the number listed below.


Media Contact Information:
Mr. B.K. Chow
World Trade Fair Limited
(852) 6838-2688

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