Europe’s Largest Digital News Distributor Launches Campaign to Secure Significant Role in U.S. Journalism and Media

October 17, 2008

Company will expand U.S. operations to fill gap left by closing news bureaus.

Prague, Czech Republic (PRnine – October 17, 2008) – EIN News, which pioneered digital news services in Central Europe as early as 1995 and has been an innovator in digital age journalism, will be expanding its U.S. operations, according to company CEO David Rothstein.

“With U.S. newspapers and other traditional U.S. media laying off staff members, closing news bureaus and cutting budgets, EIN News provides services that help fill these gaps in news and information,” Rothstein said.

“Our services are available to media institutions, private and government organizations as well as individual news consumers.”

Rothstein also noted that “journalism is undergoing significant change. Everyone is searching for ways to harness the internet and all electronic media while not losing the value traditional news outlets provide. EIN News is a leading innovator in the new wave of journalism that makes the best news reporting, writing, commentary and photo-journalism available to everyone.”

With a staff comprised of not only highly skilled developers but also professional editors, EIN News combines intelligent search technologies with the human element, making it the most efficient yet personalized service anywhere on the planet.

The world’s news and information sites are monitored daily and organized into individual sections which EIN News users can select according to their interests. Currently, EIN News provides more than 200,000 separate news reports on individual topics. With more than 3 million users accessing EIN News through 50 different vertical channels each month, the company has subscribers in every country in the world. EIN News has had a long history of providing digital news services. It established the now well-known “Russia Today” brand in 1996, opened news access to China with “Inside China Today” in 1997 and won Europe’s coveted Momentum Award in 1999 as the most innovative internet company on the continent.

According to Rothstein, “the current world financial turmoil and dramatic new U.S. governmental policies that we can expect after the U.S. presidential election are creating more need than ever for the type of news service that EIN News provides.”


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