AC Tool Supply & Safewaze Fall Protection Team Up

July 23, 2008

Tempe, AZ (PRnine – July 23, 2008) – This summer, SafeWaze Fall Protection Systems, a division of Aearo Technologies, Inc., is teaming up with AC Tool Supply, Inc. to provide it’s full line of fall protection / fall arrest systems to it’s customers in North America. With the instant success following AC Tool Supply’s grand opening this May, this should prove to be a healthy move for both companies.

This news comes following 3M‘s acquisition of Aearo back in November of 2007.  Based in Indianapolis, Aearo sells fall protection products under the brand SafeWaze. According to 3M, Aearo/Safewaze’s sales have been increasing at an annual growth rate of more than 12% over the past five years to $508 million.  Combine this with the success AC Tool Supply has shared with Ideal Industries, Inc. and you’ve got a young eCommerce player making big waves in a sea of online supply stores.

To start this relationship off with a bang, SafeWaze & AC Tool Supply have come together on an exclusive deal to introduce the following lines:

SafeWaze Harnesses:

SafeWaze Fall Protection Elavation Harness

SafeWaze Fall Prevention AirFlex Harness

SafeWaze Fall Arrest Kinetic Harness

SafeWaze Fall Protection Ameba Harness

SafeWaze Fall Prevention Worksafe Harness

SafeWaze Fall Arrest Feather Harness

SafeWaze Fall Protection Safelight Harness

SafeWaze Fall Prevention Apache Harness

SafeWaze Fall Arrest 3 Point Compliance Harness

SafeWaze Fall Protection Omega Harness

SafeWaze Fall Prevention Electrical & Utility Harness

SafeWaze Fall Arrest Saturn Welding Harness

SafeWaze Fall Protection Vest Harness

SafeWaze Fall Prevention Flotation Harness

SafeWaze Fall Arrest Harness Accessories

SafeWaze Lanyards:

SafeWaze Fall Protection TYBAKII Lanyards

SafeWaze Fall Prevention Web Adjustable Lanyards

SafeWaze Fall Arrest Web Lanyards

SafeWaze Fall Prevention Shock Pack Cable Lanyards

SafeWaze Fall Arrest Low Profile Safe Absorb Lanyards

SafeWaze Fall Protection ExpandableSafe Absorb Extra Lanyards

SafeWaze Fall Prevention Expandable Safe Stretch Lanyards

SafeWaze Fall Arrest Apache 400lb. Lanyards

SafeWaze Fall Protection PowerStop 12ft. Freefall System Lanyards

SafeWaze Fall Prevention Saturn Welding Lanyards

SafeWaze Accessories:

SafeWaze Fall Arrest PPE Roofing Anchors

SafeWaze Fall Protection PPE Industrial Anchors

SafeWaze Fall Prevention PPE I-Beam Anchors

SafeWaze Fall Arrest Reload PPE Life-Line Systems

SafeWaze Fall Protection Thor PPE Life-Line Systems

AC Tool Supply. Inc.

Aiken Colon Tool Supply, Inc. is a supplier of electrical, low voltage, datacom, telecom, HVAC tools, fall protection, prevention, arrest systems, safety equipment and supplies to the “end user”.  They handle and fill orders from home owners to multi-million dollar corporations.  They warehouse inventory as well as drop ship product from a multitude of reputable manufacturers.  They service North America, including the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.

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