HRsmart Introduces New Operator Alliance Business Strategy

October 15, 2008

Allows Partners to Market HRsmart’s Professional Edition of Workforce Management Solutions through their own Private Label Operator Portal.

Richardson, TX (PRnine – October 15, 2008) – HRsmart today announced a new Operator Alliance Business Strategy, whereas HRsmart partners can introduce and bundle HRsmart’s Professional Edition of Talent Management solutions to complement their own workforce management solutions, allowing operators to have a more robust Human Resources package of solutions.

Prospects for this alliance are companies that currently provide complementary solutions to human resources clients, as well as companies seeking to expand their offering into the talent management space. HRsmart is especially targeting international firms seeking to offer such solutions in their relative countries.

HRsmart’s Professional Edition is an OnDemand, out-of-the-box technology that targets small to midsize companies needing an integrated Talent Management Solution to help with recruiting, employee performance and learning management.

“HRsmart believes organizations that unite to form a single delivery are of the biggest benefit to clients alike,” said Mark Hamdan, Chief Executive Officer of HRsmart. “The new Operator Alliance Business Strategy allows partners to make our solutions their own solutions, and offers a quick go to market launch which generates high margins and an immediate return on investment.”

Key features in the HRsmart Operator Alliance Business Strategy include:

  • It is a multi-tenant system that can support many clients on one portal
  • It compliments partner’s existing product offerings
  • Partners can sign up and implement clients the same day and immediately generate reoccurring revenue
  • HRsmart provides dedicated partner support from implementation and sales to client services
  • Partners can personalize a custom logo designed website and market HRsmart’s Professional Edition through their own private label portal
  • Partners can administer and resell HRsmart’s Professional Edition with no need for technical expertise
  • HRsmart’s Professional Edition is a global solution, allowing partners to be competitive worldwide

HRsmart’s Professional Edition offers user-friendly Applicant Tracking, Employee Performance and Learning Management solutions. Key components of HRsmart’s Professional Edition include:

  • The Applicant Tracking System is a software application that can help a company with their online job recruiting and applications – from hiring to onboarding. Through an interface with a company’s website, job seekers can submit resumes and apply for open jobs. A company can manage incoming resumes to find the perfect applicants to fill open positions. With the reduced time to hire that this solution can offer, a company can fill jobs in record time.
  • The Employee Performance Management System is a software solution that allows a company’s employees and managers to set expectations and track their progress and accomplishments throughout the year. Executives of a company will know quickly and easily if organizational goals are being met and who is performing above or below par.
  • The Learning Management System is a software solution that helps companies manage, promote and facilitate education and enhances individual and corporate performance. This solution is the fundamental component to enhancing career development across an entire organization. From welcoming new hires to bridging competency gaps, an organization’s culture for learning is reflected in the precision with which it is carried out.

About HRsmart

HRsmart provides the fully-integrated Talent Management Application suite, including applicant tracking, performance management, learning management, career development and succession planning in a single unified platform. HRsmart helps organizations of all sizes attract, identify, develop, motivate and retain top performers. HRsmart is headquartered in Richardson, Texas has operations in the United States, Europe, Canada, Latin America, South Africa, Australia, Singapore and the Middle East. Learn more at


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