UEI Releases iPhone and iPod Touch Handwritten Note Application ZeptoPad 1.6

October 14, 2008

Now Utilizing the iPhone Camera and With Faster Processing.

Tokyo, Japan (PRnine – October 14, 2008) – Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. (UEI) announced release of the hand-written note taking application, ZeptoPad 1.6 upgrade. Now, ZeptoPad 1.6 allows users to take photos with built-in camera, paste the photos on memo, and draw lines up to 4,069 lines, from 256 lines in previous version. In addition, processing processing speed improved by 50%.

On this upgrade, we asked a lot of person’s opinions at Apple Expo ’08 held in Paris and at the Art Festival in Brooklyn, N.Y.. Improvement of processing speed is hinted by one of these opinions that the processing speed is not suitable for writing signatures or speed writing. We would like to say a lot of thanks to these persons who gave us various view points to this application.

ZeptoPad is application which allow user to write down anything on iPhone’s screen as on plain notebook. “Zepto” means the minus 21th power of ten in the International System of Unit. The aim of this application is to assist users in sketching with resizing freely. Compared to currently used other applications whose aims are “to memorize thought”, “to assist in thinking” is the aim of Zeptopad.

Other functions of Zeptopad

  • Copy & paste: Copy and paste of multiple figures and letters by EDIT tool.
  • Input text: Input text with key pad.
  • Handwritten memo: Scribble figures and letters, from detail to whole image.
  • Directory: View a list of worksheets on DIRECTORY screen
  • Share the worksheets (Shake & Share): Attach worksheet to e-mail as an image. Share worksheet with another ZeptoPad through Wi-Fi connection (Shake & Share).

*Through the same Wi-Fi connection, and Zeptopad should be installed in both iPhones/ iPod touches.

Name: Handwriting note-taking application “ZeptoPad 1.6″
Developed and sold by Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc.
URL: http://zeptopad.com/ (English)
http://zeptopad.com/index_j.html (Japanese)
Store: AppStore
Price: Free ($9.99/\1200 for new purchase)

Other products of UEI
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• ZwptoLiner: Outline processer ($4.99/ \600)
• Multi-lingual comic viewer: Pochiyama at the Phermacy ($4.99/ \600)

UEI’s view
We are going to upgrade ZeptoPad continuously and provide various services to answer to users’ needs.

About UEI
Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. (the head office in Tokyo, CEO: Ryo SHIMIZU ) provide services which based on the technology accepted by IPA(Information-Technology Promotion Agency)’s untrodden software creating project.
At the present, we have a lot of Web-related services, such as unique high-spec RDF data-base framework, ZEKE CMS SOLUTION, CGM site construction tool, and so forth.
URL: http://www.uei.co.jp/


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