Professional Fire Captain Launches Heat-Resistant Car Survival Kit

October 13, 2008

Developed with founder Wayne Bennett’s experiences as a professional fire captain in mind, the heat resistant kit is non-thirst inducing, provides all the essentials necessary in an emergency, and can last up to five years in a car.

Wrightwood, CA (PRnine – October 13, 2008) – Emergencies can happen at any time, including when we are on the road. Survival Skills and Company, which specializes in disaster preparedness and response, is now adding a Car Survival Kit to its quality product line. Founded by Wayne Bennett, Survival Skills and Company’s Car Survival Kit is designed with Bennett’s experiences as a professional fire captain in mind. More than just a First Aid Kit, the Car Survival Kit contains important supplies, including a comprehensive first aid kit, water, water conserving foods, a survival blanket and a shake flashlight, that provide all of the essentials in an emergency: food, water, warmth, light, and first aid.

Bennett’s Car Survival Kits are unique because the included water pouches and food are heat resistant, and can last in car for up to five years. The food included in Survival Skills and Company’s Car Survival Kit are also not thirst-inducing to prevent dehydration from occurring in extreme emergencies while waiting for help. A survival blanket ensures warmth in cold temperatures while the environmentally friendly shake flashlight does not need any batteries to provide light, as long as it is replaced once a year. The Car Survival Kit also includes a comprehensive first aid kit containing supplies that are up to date with standard protocols, and includes additional items based on Bennett’s real world experience as a paramedic.

Survival Skills and Company was founded by Wayne Bennett, a Southern California fire captain and preparedness expert, in 1991. In addition to its comprehensive line of survival kits, the company offers CPR and First Aid classes in the Southern California area and publishes materials on disaster management and response for private and institutional use.


Media Contact Information:
Wayne Bennett
Survival Skills and Company
1 (888) 705-2184

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