Life Coaching Becomes Popular on Main Street

October 3, 2008

Stigma attached to therapy doesn’t show its face.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (PRnine – October 3, 2008) – Therapy or counseling often conjure up an image of someone in crisis or out of control. In contrast, life coaching is viewed as positive, forward-thinking and insightful.

For decades, people seeking counseling for various life challenges have primarily done so in secrecy. Today, more people are seeking life coaching as an alternative to traditional therapy. A distinction must be made. Often times, people do need medical intervention, traditional therapy and possibly medication in particular situations.

Life coaching is different from therapy in numerous ways. First of all, its intent is more forward thinking and life planning. Life coaches work in conjunction with their clients to co-actively develop strategies for financial success, time management, holistic health, communications, healthy living, relationships, spiritual quests, even college entrance exams and all points in between.

Dr. John Spencer Ellis, CEO of the Spencer Institute for Life Coaching states, “There is no particular background that makes the perfect life coach. Coaches frequently come from a background in fitness, wellness, communications, leadership, law, medicine, nursing, religion, and Eastern studies. Frequently, psychologists and counselors, who have had their fill of insurance forms, negativity, and antiquated philosophies, seek the Spencer Institute for Life Coach Training to transition their careers.”

Life coach training (depending on the focus of the program) includes education in neurolinguistic programming, motivational strategies, sports psychology, hypnosis, communications, conflict resolution, wellness concepts, stress management, personality typing, and several other synergistic tools of success.

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