Screaming For Gives Americans from all Political Backgrounds a Voice for Change

October 2, 2008

Screaming For is new social network website that puts the power of change into the hands of the people. Citizens can come together from any political party, ideology, or independent way of thinking to post blogs, photos, videos, and join a community forum.

Pittsburgh, PA (PRnine – October 2, 2008) – Screaming For is a new social network that is dedicated to giving Americans a voice for change. This new site focuses on the events of the day and how they affect each and every citizen.

Screaming for is an open platform in which each member has a chance to be heard.

Creating an account is free and users are able to post blogs, upload photos, upload videos, create polls, create quizzes, post political events, and post in a forum. Members are also given the option of joining groups that contain other members with similar interests and backgrounds.

“There are so many candidates and politicians calling for “Change” in Washington,” said Jeff Revilla of Revilla Marketing, “but what they are calling for is out of touch from what we as citizens need. What this website does is spark change in the people of our country and in turn allows them to change Washington.”

Screaming For Change allows people to simply come together and be heard. It allows them to inspire each other and offer support for others who are trying to make change in either their hometown or on a national level.

Screaming for is the creation of Jeff Revilla who is also behind a website that encourages people to be responsible for their local environment in order to change the environment of the world. Also, which is a website for others to learn about internet marketing and how to get started online.

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