The World’s Easiest Content Management System

October 1, 2008

Zimplit is easiest web creation software for business and home users

Tartu, Estonia (PRnine – October 1, 2008) – The latest in the line of CMS applications in the virtual world is the zimplit CMS. This CMS, in a stark contrast from the available competition is developed for a normal person who pretty much runs his or her own internet business almost single-handedly.

For an internet marketer or for a person who wants to do business on the internet, having a website is almost mandatory. And then, having a website is one step. Maintaining it is entirely another set of work. Once a website is in place, it is highly necessary that you bring people to visit it, not once but again and again. This can be achieved by keeping the website in pristine condition as far as the content of the website is concerned. This emphasizes that as a website owner you will need to learn and understand complicated code like PHP, HTML or CSS. For doing away with all this and keeping the content management on your website simple, a content management system or a CMS is essential.

So finding a good CMS and using it is critical tot eh success of any internet based business. There may be some of us who have already had our share of fiddling with various CMS editions available all over the virtual world. Some might be good and some bad, but all of them have one thing in common, they are quite tough to setup and none of us can use it without a user manual open. Ease of use has not been the forte of the best CMS packages available today. No offence to others, but these are hard-learnt and practiced facts. Taking into account the plight all individual (small or medium) businesses, the developers have done a great job on zimplit.

In fact, many people who have used it are already saying that it is probably the easiest CMS due to its ease of setting up that takes hardly two minutes with all features. To name a few of the features, it is extremely light-weight (takes minimal web server space), very simple to use and highly customizable (any HTML/CSS templates can be edited and used) and comes with only a single core file. More important is the fact that it does not use a database like the competition and integrates an online editor. You can actually see what changes you a remaking online – live. With zimplit you will be working on the site, not in the admin area. You just have to upload a single file and you are done.

With competition jostling for virtual space on the first pages of search engines, zimplit makes the SEO job easier by being fully SEO’ed. With so many free templates doing rounds on the internet, you can just pick and choose any one of them and edit it live on your own web server with zimplit. Simple and flexible, this CMS is designed to be used by anyone including the technically challenged.

Zimplit is free to use and if you need to remove the copyright tag, you will need to buy the commercial use license for a negligible price 49$. All in all, this product is marked to take the internet business industry by storm because of its features, simplicity and ease of use.

Zimplit fills this void between technical competence and business skills in an internet marketer with competence and will help the internet marketer save on time and cost, thus improving their efficacy and profitability. Zimplit can be found at and can be downloaded free of cost. For all those waiting to take a decision on CMS for cost and programming factors, the wait is over. Download and try zimplit today.

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