Florida Collection Agency Control Data Inc. Launches Nationwide Attorney Campaign

September 29, 2008

The popularity of agency’s fee free and flat commission collections service amongst Florida attorneys have led the agency to pursue an active recruitment campaign on a national level.

Saint Petersburg, FL (PRnine – September 29, 2008) – The success of Florida collection agency Control Data Inc. (CDI) with attorneys in the state has led the company to pursue a nationwide campaign to recruit additional legal clients.  The company’s unique fee-free and flat commissions have earned it the praise of its clients for providing a transparent service that also maximizes their returns, and its services are especially popular among attorneys, who must write off bad debt due to the inefficiency of pursuing delinquent balances in court.

As a part of the campaign, CDI has acquired a national database of attorneys and to date, has been successful in securing clients from states such as California, Wisconsin, and Michigan.  Part of the appeal of CDI’s services is due to the legal avenues the company has at its disposal due to its status as a collection agency.  While attorneys can pursue balances in court, the debt is not placed on the debtor’s credit file even when the judgment is in the attorney’s favor, ultimately limiting the attorney’s ability to fully collect on the balance.  In addition, the time and monetary costs involved in pursuing delinquent accounts often prevent attorneys to write off the balances rather than pursue them in court.

CDI’s founding philosophy recognizes business’s needs for a collection service that maximizes the returns to the clients.  In contrast its competitors, which offer their services at variable commission rates depending on the age of the balance, CDI offers its services at a flat-commission rate, without account management fees.  These features, in conjunction with the fact that CDI does not charge any fees for its services unless the agency collects a balance, makes the agency a cost-effective alternative to other collection agencies.

More information about CDI and its services can be found online at http://www.controldatainc.com.

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